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Mistress Darcy
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  113 Central London Mistresses Listed
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Pregnant Miss Sadie Dominatrix  
Pregnant Miss Sadie
London, United Kingdom
I am a caring, nurturing mistress, who specialises in acting out out all those weird and wonderful role play fantasies you have. I am currently pregnant and I adore having my growing, voluptuous curves worshipped, whilst I yank on your leash and pull you closer to me. Bask in my pregnant glow! Perhaps you would enjoy a spot of trampling from a pregnant mistress with spiked heels?, or a cuckold fantasy involving your wife getting pregnant by your best friend? How about being chastised by a pregnant,...
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Marquisa Dominatrix  
London, United Kingdom
Strict and sensual , possessive and powerful I am doing what i am the best at . If you are a submissive ,sissy ,piggy,doggy ,pain slut then i am interested in you ! my practises : torture ,humiliation, role play,fetishes ,hypnosis ,psychotherapy .
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Mistress Sky Dominatrix  
Mistress Sky
London, United Kingdom
London Dominatrix Mistress Sky offers domination role play to submissive men and women. This traditional London Mistress will take you on a journey from sensual stimulation to pure submission. London Mistress Sky has harboured a dominant streak since she was a young girl, always putting the boys into place even at school. After honing her skills in the school playground her next victims were the men in her life, who liked nothing better to be at her beck and call. This experience expanded when...
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Mistress Jessica Dominatrix  
Mistress Jessica
Belfast and touring, United Kingdom
Professional Mistress with many years of experience regularly available in Belfast, London, touring Ireland, Tenerife & Qatar. Known from the newspaper SUN, Irish independent, DDI & austrian ÷KM. In Germany awared Best Mistress 2010 Fetish model in the famous FemDom-Austria bdsm production based in Vienna Twitter: @BizarrJessica FB: DominaJessica
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Miss Rose Dominatrix  
Miss Rose
London, United Kingdom
London-based switch & kinkster seeks open-minded individuals for deeply satisfying encounters of the sexiest kind. I should warn you that Iím a heady mix of kink, light-heartedness and fun, and an unrepentant tease. If youíre partial to aesthetics (and who isnít?) Iím 26, a slim size eight with curves in all the right places, and about 5í9 in my favourite heels. Iím told I look more than a little bit like Liv Tyler (oh, stop! But do go on Ö) I love getting dressed up. Usually, itís little...
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Queen Boss Lady B Dominatrix  
Queen Boss Lady B
London, Percival St EC1V 0BU, United Kingdom
You have a deep desire to give yourself to a stunning Black Goddess. No thinking permitted. You will simply obey. Relinquish control and gratefully surrender all of yourself to a breathtakingly beautiful, immaculately skilled, naturally Dominant Black Female. Experience true freedom and catharsis through submission. No sex or illegal activities. BDSM only.
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Mistress Helena
Huddersfield / Leeds, United Kingdom
I am an Elite Professional Dominatrix. I am 31 years old I do offer modelling as well as working at my chambers in Huddersfield as a Mistress. I do offer adult baby services, cross dressing, slave training, Hypnosis, caning and much more. I do offer double Domme please enquire. I am extremely sensual and cruel. Stunning, tall and overpowering.
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london, United Kingdom
Hi I am an English elite switch mistress. Who loves to play kinky games.
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