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United Kingdom

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  134 Central London Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Artemisia de Vine Dominatrix  
Mistress Artemisia de Vine
London & Woking, United Kingdom
International, well-established & experienced Mistress from Sydney, Australia. Elegantly perverted and wickedly creative, I am known for my ability to crawl inside your psyche with strict but seductive cat-like grace. I enjoy Domestic-style Discipline, Corporal punishment, & role plays role plays or intense BDSM Mistress scenarios. I am in London a short time only.
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Princess Sofia Dominatrix  
Princess Sofia
London, United Kingdom
I知 Princess Sofia. Im 21 years old and I知 5ft 2 with size 2 feet. I am very slim with large natural breasts and long dark hair with big green cat eyes. I知 young, I知 beautiful and I知 smart. I am arrogant narcissistic and very aloof.
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Mistress Adara Dominatrix  
Mistress Adara
Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom
I was introduced to bdsm through the usual route of a lover requesting bondage and to be spanked. I then researched bdsm and applied to a Dominant household run by a Mistress upon Victorian hierachy and discipline. I stayed there for 18 months learning the activities, techniques and roles. Since then I have been actively involved in Lifestyle bdsm - 17 years - including 2 longterm live in submissive/masochist - 10 years and 6 years. I am well versed in introducing a novice into bdsm. I am presently...
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Suzie Blue Dominatrix  
Suzie Blue
London, United Kingdom
I'm very open-minded and creative with a great love of play and experimentation. I'm into all sorts of kinks and savour nothing more than a connection between two lovers sharing in a much anticipated fantasy. When I'm submissive, I excel at an adorably cheeky and *mostly* obedient role and hope to please you with my love of rough hard fucking and how incredibly hot I look crawling the floor with my back arched, bum high and ready for a spanking.
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Lady Mephista Dominatrix  
Lady Mephista
London, United Kingdom
Beautiful, 6 feet tall Mistress. Expert in bondage, discipline and longterm education. Lady Mephista was interested in BDSM since her early youth. At the age of 15 she discovered the photography of Nobuyoshi Araki and fell in love with Shibari or Kinbaku, how it is called in Japan. Of course Bondage was not the only form of Domination she was interested in, the psychological aspect of BDSM was more and more crucial to her. With her superior aura she got more and more slaves under her control,...
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Ladyandromeda Dominatrix  
london, United Kingdom
Never think that because I have allowed you to behold my soft curves and captivating gaze that I will tread lightly with you. Beneath this fa軋de beats the heart of a sadist the likes of which you have never known. I will lure you in, tear your very soul to shreds and rebuild you in the image of the perfect servant.
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Mistress Angelina Dominatrix  
Mistress Angelina
London, United Kingdom
Beautiful sensual Mistress and Fetishlady I am from 18.08 - 20.08 in London
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Lady Phoenix Dominatrix  
Lady Phoenix
Central London, United Kingdom
American dominatrix based in Berlin, touring USA & UK. Sensual and dominant, extremely sadistic, and a little masochistic. Quietly present in every moment. Her presence is powerfully physical through her acute sexual charisma, verbal tone is rather quiet. Hardsports available daily.
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