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Miss Myers
Central London,
United Kingdom

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Miss H.  
***Same day booking***
Posted by Miss H. of London & Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Same day booking available for today ONLY!

6pm at Barnet Bastille, £150 per hour, £50 deposit.

I rarely offer same day booking AND I am offering my January discount.

Donít miss out, email me at

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Dominatrix Annabelle  
A brief Winter's Tale!
Posted by Dominatrix Annabelle of Kent, United Kingdom
Last week, as I sat in my Office on a most cold and frosty morning, looking out of my large Victorian sash windows, the view of our stunning countryside was laced with snow, glistening from the winter sun! We've finally had a light dusting, and as soon as it arrived, it dumped it's load, and swiftly took off like a robber's dog!

Haha, well that was the end of that! Couldn't have expected anything more! By the afternoon, the skies displayed a stunning spread of pastel blue, with hazy sun rays radiating across the rolling hills. A stark contrast to our winter's tale that was expected!

How typical of our English weather! Mind you, I am situated in the South East of England. If I really want snow, I should head on up to Scotland, with their grandiose castles, roaring log fires, and thick snug rugs! Oh now that sounds divine!

Now that January is well under way, I'm looking forward to the arrival
of our Spring weather. With any luck, we will have plenty of sunshine, fit for some outside fun in my gardens! This is the time when we start to notice longer daylight hours! That's got to be a good thing!

I've also started on Insanity, powering through, and it's incredibly addictive, I love building up a sweat, toning my body. My incentive is to look and feel as good as I can so that I can be ready for those summer bikini shots! I know, it's still a little way off!!!

Yesterday, I had the most erotic session in my candlelit lair, atmospheric, hypnotic, sensually erotic! My outfit, well the photo attached gives you an idea, and although you can't see from this image, my sexy curvaceous buttocks could be seen!!!

As the weather was sooo utterly good, although bitterly cold, I took the opportunity of getting my slave to take a couple of shots of me wearing this stunning catsuit, outside in my grounds! Of course, I took pleasure watching him trying to steady his hands! Taking a shot in freezing temperatures is one thing, but while he was completely naked was an entirely new challenge for him!

I'm so pleased I caught the entire session on camera, and I will be uploading it to my site in the next few days!

I do hope January is a whip cracking start to the New Year for you!

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Mistress Bettie von Sade  
Commissions for Bespoke Fetish/Fantasy Stories
Posted by Mistress Bettie von Sade of London, United Kingdom
I'm now accepting commissions for bespoke fetish stories. These are written from scratch with the sole aim of bringing your fantasies to life!

Have you not yet taken the courage to play your kinks out in real life? Or is your fetish the kind that's not easy to physically explore?

Do you wish to be the star in a world of fantasies where everything is about you? Or are you simply looking for a new, exciting way of indulging in BDSM?

I'd love to write you a unique, personalized story, which you won't be able to resist reading over and over again, until you know it by heart! It will become your most cherished dirty little secret...

I'll help you experience your fantasies first hand! No one could do this better than Me, having lived the fetish lifestyle for many years, and being a published writer outside the BDSM scene. See My blog to get a better idea of My writing style.

I'm also happy to work with fantasies that are not BDSM-related. If it's in your mind,

it's worth turning into words! I know no taboos, so don't be scared to share your thoughts with Me.

I can compose your story in the first, second or third person. Let me know if you have

a preference! You can also leave it up to me, and I'll see what works best with your desired storyline.

The introductury offer is a tribute of only £50 per story! I'm planning to come up with different categories later on, but for now this offer applies to stories of 1-3 pages in length font size 12, single-spaced, .docx or .rtf format).

If this has sparked your interest, contact Me at to discuss further. Please provide as many details as possible about your fantasy in your email.

I look forward to hearing from you, and turning your fantasies into something closer to reality!

Please note: the only fetishes I won't work with are the ones involving minors in any way, or cruelty towards animals.

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