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Mistress Maria  
Male Chastity
Posted by Mistress Maria of Kent, United Kingdom
I was talking with a fellow Domina friend of mine the other day about our favourite kinks.

It took me all of about a millisecond to voice that cock locking, male chastity - call it what you will, is a hardline dealbreaker for me. If someone is going to submit to me sexually then the very last bastion of their own sexuality is handing over their own ability to orgasm, masturbate and fuck. To take control of that from a sub is very powerful. For a sub to walk around in a cock cage 24-7 is a constant reminder that his cock is owned by his Mistress, meaning that you are exerting your power and influence over him even when you are not there - it's a mindfuck in the extreme and that is why I adore it. The whimper of a man enjoying a release after an extended period in chastity is a beautiful thing and like music to my ears.

Chastity is not something I would demand from a sub from the get go - it is something that I would work towards over a period of time once trust had been established and as a final act of full submission. It is not something that I take lightly. Being a keyholder to someone's cock lock who lives a number of hours away from you is a huge responsibility. The mind fuck that accompanies male chastity is also something that I always bear in mind. Any sub of mine in chastity to me would be made to realise how seriously I take things and that I respect my sub for submitting so fully to me and that I will care for him along the way.

Male chastity for me is something that excites and intrigues me and I absolutely adore it. It should never be underestimated how wet it gets me to hear his cock lock snap shut - perfection :)

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Mistress Lisa  
My London bitch :)
Posted by Mistress Lisa of London, United Kingdom

I am standing in front of the mirror and examine my new white latex catsuit, sliding my hands over my breasts ... mmmmhhhmmm that feels the good! Lift my right leg and look at everything again from the side, 10 minutes until the appointment. It rings earlier than expected and I turn around and walk to the door. Already kneeling i see a slightly round man, middle age and short hair. He greeted me " Dominatrix Lisa," a brief brief command from me follows immediately. He gets up and follows me slowly and by far, he knows the rules. Without any further action, he goes to the slaves' dressing room to undress! Im looking amused to my top drawer where several packs of clear films already lying. The anticipation of what is happening next gets me so exited. "Mistress, I'm ready, what do you want me to do?". I pointed to the bench in the room "Slave, lay down on the bench!", Slowly I walk towards him. Nervously, he shrugs at every step. I gently whisper in his ear "Hold your hands close to your body!". Said, done "Yes, my mistress". He swallows ... slowly I begin to wrap him from the bottom with the foil. Layer by layer, always further upwards. His breathing accelerates as I reach his chest, it feels even tighter I guess . Shortly before I wrap his head, I caress his hair and whisper "This will be a fun". Only the nose is kept free .... I look at my masterpiece and am satisfied. He is absolutely motionless. With a remote control I turn off the music and turn on a ticking clock and leave the room. The slave hears the tick, the only thing to hear. He does not know how long he has been lying there, waiting for his mistress, his pulse is rising, a discordant feeling spreads into his chest. Tik ... Tik..Tik .. and suddenly nothing, not a single sound! The clock has stopped ... He breathes violently, the film sticks to his body and this intolerable silence makes him go all nervous And there ... from far away and very quietly he hears footsteps ... he hopes and fears. "Well, slave are you fine?" I look at my slave, he breathes violently but calms down slowly. "Because you were so good, I will reward you!", I giggle and hold a vibrating machine "the terminator" on his little useless worm, "i think it's time for some edging my little pet" And there we go just at the edge of coming i stop his pleasure just to start all over again and of course stopping again till I see the tears in his eyes begging for relief! His moaning turns into a silent scream mouth wide open eyes shut . He trembles and I increase the intensity of the vibration and suddenly he takes a convulsive attitude and comes. First, I free his face "Thank you Mistress," he gasps for breath. Gradually the film falls to the ground and I go out of the room, give my slaves time again to come right to itself. Www.Dominatrixlisa.Eu

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Miss H.  
Touring update - Brighton & Bristol
Posted by Miss H. of London & Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I have been very lucky to meet fellow kinky perverts from all over the UK and as a result I am able to stretch my sphere of influence across the breadth of the south of England. I am travelling from city to city and spreading the gospel of Miss Ria Harpsichord, collecting acolytes as I go.

To join me on my journey, keep the following dates in mind:

Brighton, April 4th - 6th
Bristol, April 7th - 11th

What I am offering:

BDSM, Fetish and Dominance sessions (see Serve for info) in a Dungeon setting and outcall sessions with strict security procedure in place. Double domme sessions are available in Bristol with Princess Bella and Lady Tempest. Deposit required.

Discreet Vanilla or vanilla-ish lunch, dinner or shopping dates for a small tribute and all costs at your expense - perfect to get to know me before a session or for any aspiring financial slaves. Brighton and Bristol have fantastic shopping districts for kinky, sexy and fashionable indulgences.

What I am seeking:

I am selective with who I spend my time with, as you will have noticed privacy and discretion is a priority of mine. I enjoy being served by those who are polite, intelligent and obedient.

To be considered for a meeting, apply through and mention your preferred date, location and details of what type of meeting you would like.

Miss Ria Harpsichord

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