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A guide for first time appointments with us.
Posted by YoungKinkyDommes of Glasgow, United Kingdom
In this post we will take you through everything you should expect from your interaction with us. Whether you are completely new to BDSM or have simply never experienced our particular style of double domination we hope to spark your imagination and answer some common questions.

Once you are ready to book a session please contact us by email or phone. At this stage it would be ideal if you had at least an idea of what you are looking to gain from our time together as well as a potential date and time in mind for your session. Email is perfectly acceptable as an initial form of contact however we will require to talk to you on the phone at some point to discuss the nuances of your session. We are more than happy to cater to specific requests in regards to outfits or activities but please ensure that you make us aware of these during your initial email or phone call so we have sufficient time to prepare.

When you are happy with the arrangement we will then require you to leave a deposit of 30 with the premises to cover the hire of the room, this can be completed via bank transfer or CC Bill payment to the premises. Not only does this protect us by deterring time wasters but it allows you to secure the space as the premises we work from has one room only. Any subsequent appointments will not require a deposit to be left.

On the day of your session we require a call or text to confirm two hours prior to your appointment time and at this stage we will give you details of our city centre location. At this point you can ask any last minute questions you might have and we will double check that we have all your session requirements correctly noted.

You will be met by one of us at the front door and taken into our wonderful play space, there will be a short consultation lasting no more than a few minutes to clarify what you are looking for before you present your tribute. After that you will be asked to strip and our time together will begin. Some gentlemen are concerned that a double Domme session might be quite full on however we believe that we complement each other perfectly and are incredibly versatile. Your session is tailored to you and can be as intense or as gentle as you would like it to be. We do suggest that you have at least some idea of what you are curious about but we are happy to guide you by suggesting specific activities. Generally, for first time sessions we enjoy exploring a range of activities so that you can experience a wide scope of kinks and fetishes and leave more fully informed about your particular proclivities.

After the session we will allow you to get dressed and take some time to decompress and discuss your experiences allowing you to get the most from your time with us. We love nothing more than knowing we have helped you take your fantasies to reality and enjoyed your session to the fullest.

Once your session is over we will return you gently to reality and hope you have enjoyed your time with us as much as we do. We welcome any feedback you have or any questions you may have about further sessions, any future appointments can then be booked by text or email. We look forward to welcoming you into our devious debauched world.

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Lady Bellatrix  
Posted by Lady Bellatrix of London, United Kingdom
Greetings lovers and losers,

Your Queen has returned! After nearly six weeks on the road, touring three counties on two continents, your intrepid Mistress has finally returned to the UK. Freshly recovered from jet lag and living on the road for so long, I am back in London where I will be offering Femdom sessions heavy rubber and otherwise in My fully equipped chambers in NW3.

But now that I am back in the UK, I will be spending a bit more time here nurturing the perversions of My long suffering British harem. But if you want to see your reigning Rubber Queen, you'll have to catch Me before I head off on tour again.

For the remainder of the year and into spring, I will continue to visit Zurich and Paris frequently so be sure to note where in the world I am when requesting your session.

The Domme Show returns on Friday, October 28th on Redlight Central from 11.00 GMT so be sure to tune in to this interactive live show and tell Me how much you love worshipping My latex and being My man hoe.

I will also be returning to the House du Croix on Thursday, October 27th and Saturday, October 29th for real time sessions. This could be the last time I visit Bristol, so if you have been thinking of seeing Me, its now or never!

So...catch Me if you can slaves!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


London: Oct 2 to 17

Paris: Oct 19 to 23

London: Oct 24-26

Bristol: October 27-29

London: Oct 30-Nov 13

Zurich: Nov 14-16

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Mistress Bettie von Sade  
US Tour - 12th October-21st November
Posted by Mistress Bettie von Sade of London, United Kingdom
First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's taken advantage of My Autumn Special Offer and helped make it a huge success! I now have no availability left in London until I leave for the US.

I'm visiting the following cities this Autumn:

New York City - October 12-24
Las Vegas - October 25-31
Los Angeles - November 1-7
San Francisco - November 8-14
New York City - November 15-21

For more details, see the tour section of My website:

I'll be posting updates on My blog while I'm away - keep an eye on it so you don't miss Me too much! (Although I know you will.)

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