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Mistress Sandra  
December Special!
Posted by Mistress Sandra of London, United Kingdom
Hello all you kinksters,

Since December is just around the corner Iíve decided I will be a generous Mistress for all you deviants and offer a pre-Christmas delight.
The included and favorite activities for this monthís treat are:
- Anal play/strap-on/fisting
- Foot/boot/shoe worship
- Corporal punishment
- Bondage
- Edging

Between 12th and 24th December I am offering a 2h session for 240£ (usually 300£), I require that the amount to be paid upfront.
Itís the perfect opportunity to try one or all of the activities ( if you are brave enough) I listed above in an unrushed session. What more could you want, ehh?
Ever heard of an assgasm but didnít have the chance to try it? ,2h is the perfect duration for you to experience the joy of anal pleasure gently or rough hehe.
Why not a bit of punishment with the cane, or a spanking over my knee if youíve been a naughty boy and you have to earn extra points from Santa in order to get that treat?
When booking you can simply email me on:
or you can text me on: +4475875139567quoting December Special.
If you wish to play longer each additional hour is 100£.

Come play!

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Dominatrix Annabelle  
Posted by Dominatrix Annabelle of Kent, United Kingdom
For those who have written in with regards to my trip to NYC, I will also be coming back in May 2017! If March is too soon, but you are still wishing to meet me in the States, please let me know.

I've been overwhelmed with a flurry of letters, and if I've not responded, please drop me a gentle reminder, don't worry I won't bite haha (yet!) rest assured I will get back to you!


For those who could really do with a 'pick me up' for those winter blues, I have a special treat for December! Yes you can, at a click of a mouse, open up a number each day until Christmas Day and find a treat inside my Advent Calendar!

If you wish to find out more, please write to me, I will be only too happy to indulge further.

Meanwhile, December I'm sure will fly by at a great speed of knots, so for those who I won't get to see before our end of year festivities, I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all:


All my love,

Lady Annabelle xxx

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Miss H.  
Miss Harpsichord visiting Bristol 27th & 28th Dec.
Posted by Miss H. of London & Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I am not one to neglect my geographically challenged devotees so I am planning another visit to Bristol and will be taking sessions at House Ducroix

As we had so much fun last time, I will also be offering double domme sessions with the divine Bellabitchrix.

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