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Miss Luci White  
A little about Me.......
Posted by Miss Luci White of Manchester, United Kingdom
A beautiful Northern Lady any guy would be honoured to be in the presence of. Blonde hair, impeccably placed, petite with the looks of an angel. However don't be fooled, behind the petite beautiful exterior lies a cruel sadistically intruigued Dominant, determined to make your dream turn into a painful or humiliating nightmare. Harbouring a devious and creative streak that no one would imagine on first sight, her skills and experience ensure any slave who enters her lair will undoubtedly find themselves embarking on an intense journey. Yet alongside the deliciously cruel streak Mistress Luci White uses her beauty to tease and coax her adoring slaves, ensuring that most amazing balance between pleasure and sufferance - the ultimate beautiful femme fatale.
A presence and beauty that takes your breath away, while her Northern roots reveal a down to earth straight talking approach, Mistress creates unique and enthralling encounters for all who kneel before her ensuring each experience is tailored for her slaves to maximise both their enjoyment. Mistress is equally comfortable using her stunning beauty to tease and frustrate as she is torturing the hardened pain fetishist or humbling those who crave humiliation. Naturally Dominant, control and authority ooze from within her petite frame.
Mistress welcomes new and returning slaves to her lavishly equipped Dungeon in Stockport, or can facilitate a more domestic environment for those who prefer such close to central Manchester. With a wide range of equipment to cater for most tastes, once entering her presence slaves inevitably don't want to leave. Once met, never forgotten.
Further information can be obtained from Mistresses impressively structured website, which includes contact details and session protocol.

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Miss Helen  
Ann Summers Party Scenario with my vanilla friends
Posted by Miss Helen of London, United Kingdom
Last week, my vanilla friends and I had a particularly entertaining CFNM session with a sissy slave who was possibly the most entertaining sub I've had the pleasure of humiliating! We're already looking forward to the next one.

Here's a teaser of what happened...

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to find this application from a sub in my inbox:

"My interests include cfnm, anal play & sissy humiliation. I have been lucky enough to enjoy some fantastic experiences so far, but there is something about Mistress plus Vanilla Friends dynamic that is just the ultimate for me.
I have always been interested in femdom & I particularly enjoy the feeling of being outnumbered - the vulnerability, the teasing, the feeling that there's a joke that I'm not in on, and I guess the embarrassment of having my kinkiest secrets revealed to a raucous/rowdy (or classy, I'm not fussy!) group of women - that I love.

I think you could probably draw enough from me earlier answer, but I'll reveal maybe a fantasy/role play idea that I think would be fun...
One of my oldest fantasies is being unexpected guest at an Ann Summers party/girls night in - I could be the lodger that arrives home early, for instance. But the girls decide I can be some use - maybe modelling some of the male garments, but from there it escalates to more humiliating things, like the feminine clothing too, being dressed up as a sissy, and then maybe being a guinea pig for the women to try out the Dec toys, I'm sure you get the idea.
I love the humiliation of sissy play, and I would say I enjoy a playful style of domination."

I knew that my friends would absolutely love this scenario and that we would have a lot of fun teasing him and using him for our entertainment.

I invited one of my closest friends who has never watched a session before to join us. She's naturally dominant and we always have fun together on nights out teasing men and seeing what we can get away with saying or doing to them, while they still keep chasing! The second vanilla friend to join us has watched a number of sessions over the past couple of years. She's mischievous and sometimes simply outrageous, making for memorable moments in every session she joins.

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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor  
TV Slut Party at My London Chambers: 7 February
Posted by Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor of Central London, United Kingdom
Submit and succumb to a real Dominant Mistress with one of the best sets of chambers in the UK.

TV Party beyond your wildest dreams for TV sluts, TV maids and sissy cross dressers on 7 February from 4.30pm until late.

Full TV transformation available to channel your inner slut! Killer heels, stripper heels and thigh boots in all sizes. PVC mini skirts, huge false titties and ripped stockings and fishnets mandatory.

Full range of strap-on's from small and slight to eye watering continental dongs which twist and drill deep!

Enforced bi scenes, chastity play and humiliating bukkake for the most adventurous of sluts. Action guaranteed, limits stretched but respected.

Call or mail Mistress Annabel for consideration, no nonsense or witheld calls!

07961 555085

Are you ready to be a helpless victim of a beautiful Dominant Bitch Queen?

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