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Lady Seductress  
Enticing them all ..
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Life is a two sided coin - as you will be enticed, seduced and enraptured with My all powerful and Goddess like stature, you will be also pliable, polite and eager to please.

Mistress as always loves Her position and every session I undertake I use My womanly powers to test and excite you. Maybe you crave this hot Domme to tie you up and tease you, maybe you need this hot Domme to tell what you need? Whatever the actuality of it all I will leave you coming back for more and you'll leave with a spring in your step and perhaps a sore buttock or two!

Whether you are a latex loving submissive or a masochist with a serious foot fetish understand that once you have entered My chambers you will have found your haven...

Seductively yours, Lady Seductress

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Mistress Lisa  
Posted by Mistress Lisa of London, United Kingdom
My heart was pounding fast and in the dim light I saw this perfect shaped ass coming closer. I could see the shiny latex shimmer and she had the most amazing body, her long hair dancing on her back while she sat on my chest, bouncing a bit. Slowly her butt climbed onto my face, I could feel that warm butt capturing my mouth as I tried to get some air. My pants was getting to tight when I felt her buttcheeks pressing my lips together. I wanted to touch her with my hands but they were all tied up!

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Mistress Lagertha  
Anal Play
Posted by Mistress Lagertha of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
I now have a dedicated anal strap on harness and cock, I shall be adding a smaller pegged toy for those who are new to it, to ease you into it. Which I should be getting this weekend 16/07/17.

I'm still new to offering anal, so if this is something your after, initially I'd prefer subs who are already experienced. At least until I've gained experience with my teaching bum bitch - I'd hate to injure someone new to it. And knowing personally the effects that can have, I know knowledge and education are key.

I may consider offering a small discount if experienced people, want to become a learning bum for me.

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