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Central London,
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Miss Kitty  
Posted by Miss Kitty of Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom
Take Note!

I will be visiting Hoxton Dungeon Suite in London on the 30th and 31st March

For my admirers in London, you will now be rewarded for your patience with my grand and glorious return at this March.
All types of perverts welcome - CBT? slut play? latex? Is it stockings you crave, Champagne? MY FIST?! - Your perversion IS my pleasure and thats an understatement!

I will be available for both private one-to-one sessions during my visit as well as double appointments with the formidable Mistress Brown.
When together, Mistress Buffy Brown and I enjoy all activities but specialtys include corporal punishment, humiliation, adult-baby scenes, bondage and latex - we share MANY of the same interests to be fair.

If you want to book solo or double sessions please send a polite introduction via email - - including your experience level, preferred date and time along with a brief summary of personal interests. Deposits will be required unless we have met before.

Alternatively you can speak with me direct;
Tel: 0779 446 3523 - No withheld numbers or texts (9am-7pm most days with exceptions)

Twitter: @MissKittyDomme

Please Note
Double sessions with Mistress Brown will also be available in the Warrington area with a pre-booked appointment throughout 2017

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Mistress Natasha Poole  
Speed Caning: An Introduction To Mistress Natasha's Canes. (30min Pain Taster Session)
Posted by Mistress Natasha Poole of Manchester, United Kingdom
Are the demands of modern living weighing heavily on you? Are you pushed for time? Do you feel that life is slipping by in a blur of meetings, deadlines and reports? Do you need some stress relief?

Mistress Natasha Poole is here to help.

Before you hurry home to face your familial responsibilities, why not pop into my bespoke chambers for a Post Work Speed Corporal Punishment Session. 30 minutes of blissful caning, spanking, whipping or flogging (or a combination of all!).

The throb from your stinging buttocks will provide the reminder you need that life shouldn’t be all work-work-work.

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Lady Sara Borgia  
Croydon for regular visits
Posted by Lady Sara Borgia of Birmingham, United Kingdom
I have a few subs in the Croydon area, so it makes sense to start visiting more regularly.
I usually book a nice Hotel and do up to 3 sessions from 3pm until 9pm
If you live in the Croydon area and would like to visit for a session with Me then drop Me and email specifying your kinks/prefered date/time etc.

Obviously as I'll be traveling from Birmingham session tributes must be paid in full before the date of the session to assure Me you are not a time waster!

Tribute is £140 for one hour or £240 for two hours and all sessions must be booked well in advance. Do not contact Me for same day bookings as this is NOT possible for Croydon visits.

The Hotel I use is very central and about 5 minutes walk from Croydon station.

Would you like to be one of My Croydon subs?

Contact via Email or Text or via My website.

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