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Mistress Clarissa  
Hypnotic Earrings by @Clarissa_Shares Now Available
Posted by Mistress Clarissa of London, United Kingdom
In this latest enchanting recording Mistress Clarissa recounts her memory of a very sexy live hypnotic session with Mistress Carol describing her use of 'hypnotic earrings' to trigger extreme arousal in their toy. In a relaxed and intimate tone she weaves her magic taking the listener deep into a warm submissive trance and sharing her love of hypnotic control with you. You will adore this atmospheric, sensual, poetic, powerful and very very seductive file.

Download from by visiting:

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Availability Update 31st Oct - 16th Nov
Posted by YoungKinkyDommes of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Hello Deviants,

The lovely Mistress Kitty and I will have same day & short notice Duo availability in Glasgow city centre from the 31st of October to 16th of November at the fabulously well equipped Abstrakt.Me fetish studios.

We offer all manner of dom duo sessions, and can also accomodate Switch sessions where Miss Kitty can be spanked like the naughty girl she is... We also specialise in spit-roasting to teach you a lesson you will not forget in a hurry.

We delight in doing absolutely everything together - including making your wickedest fantasies come true! Our tribute for duo sessions is 150 per hour and we can be contacted on 07506 960 960.

Miss Nina & Miss Kitty Xx

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Madame Rubber  
Posted by Madame Rubber of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Your new year
Entertain my mind,feel my coomads

I have such a delicious kinky mind.

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