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Claire Black  
Updated session offerings
Posted by Claire Black of London/Finsbury Park, United Kingdom
I've been updating my website gradually over the past few weeks, the latest page to be completely revamped is my sessions page. Before it was quite rambly, so I've made a nice neat, clear page which outlines the 4 types of session I offer.

Hot: Sensual Domination
Cold: Boots and Punishment
Talking: Mentoring, supervising, giving advice
Service: You serve me

Of course in reality a lot of sessions contain a little from more than one box, but I'm experimenting with giving very clear offerings in the areas I most enjoy. What do you think of it?

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Guys to Girls..............Manchester
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
Fancy acting out, one of your "Girly Fantasies" in my decadent playroom?

Tempted, but remember, I know exactly how, to discipline and punish a slutty tart, a sissy maid, or an intentionally, disobedient sexy girl.......


Well your next task is to contact me and we can have a little chat.
- Call me on (07739) 079559
- Email :

Sessions are tailor made to your unique, individual Girly needs...............

So let me, make you, feel Gorgeously Girly.


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Miss Julia Taylor  
Double Domme Party - 30th March
Posted by Miss Julia Taylor of Telford, United Kingdom
Thurs March 30th will be a day of much debauchery and merriment, my dears.

For on this day Mistress Erika and myself shall be holding a Double Domme Party all day long. Our gathering is to be held at Mistress Erika’s fabulous and fully equipped playrooms.

All manner of depraved activities shall be on the cards.

Our day shall run from 11:00 sharp till last appointment at 18:00, this means spaces are limited. Do not delay in submitting your application to attend.

Do you have what it takes to satisfy this exceptionally depraved duo?

Applications to be made via my website, details found on my profile.

We look forward to receiving your humble applications.

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