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Mistress Darcy
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  16 North London Mistresses Listed
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Miss Jessica Dominatrix  
Miss Jessica
Watford, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a real strict woman offering 1-2-1 sessions and also have a website where you can buy videos clips of me in action. Working since 2003, I have a wicked sense of humour and roleplay is a speciality of mine along with spanking/caning, facesitting and ballbusting although I love lots of other activities like foot, shoes & boot worship, trampling and fantasy wrestling as well.
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Miss Myers Dominatrix  
Miss Myers
Islington, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
“I intend to leave my mark on your Mind and if required your Body – we shall see about your Soul.” Miss Myers.
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Mistress Aleera Dominatrix  
Mistress Aleera
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Queen of Wolves. I am a Professional Dominatrix based in London, specialising in Corporal Punishment, Electro Torture and more.
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Claire Black Dominatrix  
Claire Black
North London/Finsbury Park, United Kingdom
Let me take your hand and lead you on an adventure
Together we will explore the dirtiest corners of your mind and every inch of your anatomy
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Mistress Absolute Dominatrix  
Mistress Absolute
London/Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Internationally renowned lifestyle & ProDomina. Loved & feared by subs & slaves. Strict but fair....well fairish. I run Subversion & The London Fetish Weekend as well as playing in My dungeon.
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Mistress Esme Dominatrix  
Mistress Esme
London, United Kingdom
An assertive strong black woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I am an International Domina based in London. I specialise in all things Humiliation and Degradation. If you feel you are ready to take your submissive journey to the next level, send me a respectful message.
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Rebecca Lowrie Dominatrix  
Rebecca Lowrie
London, United Kingdom
Would you like to experience more pleasure, more intimacy and more satisfaction as a lover? Would you like to feel more confident with your body, your penis and your erection? Would you like to explore your sexuality in new and exciting ways?
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Lady Karma Dominatrix  
Lady Karma
London, United Kingdom
I am a naturally tactile, hands-on and sensual practitioner of the arts of spiritual BDSM. It will uplift, satisfy and empower both the giver and the receiver. It does not feed egos or damage sometimes-fragile souls. It is based on good communication and a caring attitude. It supports intimacy, growth, experimentation and new friendships. It gives value to safe, sane and consensual power exchange and encourages it to be a healthy part of your lifestyle, sexual health and spiritual well being.
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