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Miss Myers
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  52 North West Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Angelica Dominatrix  
Mistress Angelica
Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
I am an experienced Mistress with a wealth of knowledge and my own fully equipped studio in which to explore my favourite things. I am known as a 'sensual' Domme, this does not make Me a soft Dominatrix or a soft touch, (ask any sub who has been over My spanking bench!) I do not suffer or tolerate fools or time wasters. I am approachable, intelligent, highly motivated and very interested in people in general. I look to build a rapport with My submissives and slaves, they are My life-line, My playthings,...
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Miss Jasmine Dominatrix  
Miss Jasmine
Manchester, United Kingdom
Let me exploit the most lurid depth of your mind. As a sensual and playful sadist, under my command, I offer you the freedom to act upon your deepest and darkest thoughts. 07541169087
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Mistress Saphire Dominatrix  
Mistress Saphire
Manchester , United Kingdom
Mistress Saphire An eccentric BDSM and Fetish Aficionado with a bold appearance and dominant personality.
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Mistress Lucina Dominatrix  
Mistress Lucina
Manchester, United Kingdom
I am a lifestyle Mistress with over 10 yearís experience. My style of Domination is strict but sensual. I have a deep passion for BDSM and love all areas of play from the mild to the extreme. I adore play with a novice and more advanced alike. My Chamber is based in south Manchester, it is fully equipped and caters for all areas of play.
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Megara Furie Dominatrix  
Megara Furie
Manchester, United Kingdom
Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie - a charming, humorous Dominatrix with a sick imagination for cruelty and humiliation. As a reactions driven Dominant, My desire is to Own your mind and body then provoke you into a state of absolute submission. Newbies can expect to have their eyes opened in a safe, caring, consensual environment. Experienced players can expect to have their previous limits pushed, bar raised and, if appropriate, work towards transitioning from sub to slave by the guidance of a creative,...
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Mistress Jones Dominatrix  
Mistress Jones
lancashire, United Kingdom
A femme fatale & sadistic seductress & Disciplinarian but also fun loving! over 10yrs experience taking men out of drab everyday life into a world of fantasy and naughty play so relinquish your control and serve under me, you will not regret a single second under my control of your mind, body and soul. sensual tie and tease or ball busting, whatever your kink is you will relish time spent worshipping me
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Mistress Taylor Dominatrix  
Mistress Taylor
Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Taylor and you may call Me 'Mistress', 'Miss', or 'Ma'am'. I am a lifestyle Professional Dominatrix (PD) and have been born with a passion for sadism, control, humiliation and bondage. I also run the Slave Training Academy. So come on, you pet. Let's play :)
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Roxanne Dominatrix  
Manchester, Fallowfield M14, United Kingdom
Welcome to Manchester's Premier Pro Dominatrix! The place to be to explore your FETISHES and KINKS. As Manchester's number one independent mistress, Iím always after a good sub. I offer in-calls out of a beautiful apartment located in Fallowfield, South Manchester. I am fully equipped and offer a wide variety of sessions so get in touch or make a booking to have your fantasies come true!
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