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Miss Myers
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  52 North West Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Sarah Jessica Dominatrix  
Mistress Sarah Jessica
Manchester, United Kingdom
Exclusive High class Mistress Miss Sarah Jessica is known across the UK and internationally for her style, personality and her approach to BDSM. Whether you are a nervous beginner desperate to worship at the feet of a true Goddess for the first time, or an experienced submissive looking to experience something out of the ordinary I will take you on a journey of submission, humiliation, degradation and sadism, exploring and testing your limits always completely within My control.
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Mistress Sarah Kane Dominatrix  
Mistress Sarah Kane
Manchester & London, United Kingdom
I am Sarah Kane a Trans-Fetish-Girl and I want to show you that the world of Fetish BDSM and Domination can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice or interested observer.
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Momma Bea  Dominatrix  
Momma Bea
Manchester , United Kingdom
Welcome to the Big Baby's Playroom , where regressive therapy ABDL and sissy girls are all welcome .
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Ma'amMalice Dominatrix  
Warrington, United Kingdom
Young BBW Pro Domme based in a domestic setting near the center of warrington. Sensual,Salacious,Sadist with a wicked tongue and wry smile. I adore corporal punishment but am open to most sessions. Session price is always dictated in time not in service provided! Scat, Roman showers and Needle play will not be catered for under any circumstances!
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Mistress Domino Dominatrix  
Mistress Domino
Cheshire, United Kingdom
Mistress Domino, a professional,feminine, sensual,caring yet demanding Dominatrix. I offer many tortuous services in my Dungeon based on the South Cheshire/North Staffordshire border. Kneel before my feet, submit to my will, succumb to my demands and worship me. 7 DAY AVAILABILTY. Sensual Double Dom Sessions available.
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Mistress Anahita Dominatrix  
Mistress Anahita
Warrington, Manchester & Liverpool, United Kingdom
Professional Facesitting Mistress and chastity key holder. I especially cater for sissy training and rubber fetish as well as 'forced' bi. I have old school poppers available I have E-Stim Duo for electro stimulation and torture. Safe, discrete modern house and equipped play room plus a dedicated changing room for sissies / rubber subs.
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Mistress Empathy Dominatrix  
Mistress Empathy
Liverpool, United Kingdom
I'm Mistress Empathy 'TheFetTherapist'. An experienced, mature domme and therapist, I understand your darkest needs & fetish desires. Engage with Me in stimulating conversation & prepare to be mesmerised. You will give your complete submission to Me as I Dominate you. My extensive repertoire includes rubber, bondage & breathplay.
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Mistress Crimson Dominatrix  
Mistress Crimson
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester Mistress Crimson is a tall, sexy, husky voiced red-headed Dominatrix. Manchester Mistress Crimson is both creative and imaginative. She enjoys inventing erotic and seductive games, whilst being in total control of your mind and body. Having a back ground in psychology, Manchester Mistress Crimson relishes the opportunity to delve into the darkest corners of your mind and build upon every session. Mistress Crimson has a passion for tormenting subbies, slaves, sissies, sluts, puppies...
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