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  46 North West Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Jenna Dominatrix  
Mistress Jenna
Cheshire, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Jenna, Goddess of the Darkside, I am stunning, sensual. The Ultimate Seductress Intelligent and intuitive, one look into My hypnotic eyes and you will do anything to please Me. Take a look at My website for further details
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Mistress Empathy Dominatrix  
Mistress Empathy
Liverpool, United Kingdom
I'm Mistress Empathy 'TheFetTherapist'. An experienced, mature domme and therapist, I understand your darkest needs & fetish desires. Engage with Me in stimulating conversation & prepare to be mesmerised. You will give your complete submission to Me as I Dominate you. My extensive repertoire includes rubber, bondage & breathplay.
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Mistress Crimson Dominatrix  
Mistress Crimson
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester Mistress Crimson is a tall, sexy, husky voiced red-headed Dominatrix. Manchester Mistress Crimson is both creative and imaginative. She enjoys inventing erotic and seductive games, whilst being in total control of your mind and body. Having a back ground in psychology, Manchester Mistress Crimson relishes the opportunity to delve into the darkest corners of your mind and build upon every session. Mistress Crimson has a passion for tormenting subbies, slaves, sissies, sluts, puppies...
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The Countessa Dominatrix  
The Countessa
Bolton, United Kingdom
I am a fully independent, 100% British, experienced professional female Dominatrix catering to select submissive gentleman with a bent to the continental European style of Domination. My play area is discreet, clean and safe in an Executive area with private tucked away parking.
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Catherine Dominatrix  
Manchester, United Kingdom
Hello all submissives I am miss Catherine, not miss the opportunity to visit a real master
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Mistress Katie Kinks Dominatrix  
Mistress Katie Kinks
Stockport, S Manchester, United Kingdom
TV Mistress KatieKinks, 5'5" bitchy, blonde and shapely with own dungeon
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