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  24 Scottish Mistresses Listed
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Goddess Athena Dominatrix  
Goddess Athena
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am a sophisticated lady in her early 30's, privately educated and well spoken. I cut a tall and imposing figure, standing at well over 6" in my heels. You will have no choice but to submit to me in my beautiful chambers which are based in the city centre of Glasgow.
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Mistress Elysia Dominatrix  
Mistress Elysia
Glasgow, United Kingdom
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of being in My presence, I am Mistress Elysia. Naturally dominant. A sybarite with sadistic tendencies. Skilled in the art of BDSM and blessed with a creative mind, a playful spirit and an unashamedly wicked laugh!
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Mistress Jules Dominatrix  
Mistress Jules
Glasgow, United Kingdom
A traditional Mistress with a penchant for discipline and control. Personal attendance at my professional Glasgow Chambers is an experience not to be missed. Personal contact is so important to help keep you focused on my pleasure and it pleases me very much to have someone to play with. I am able to offer a variety of experiences from gentle and affectionate correction to total control with severe discipline, you will not be disappointed whatever your desires.
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Mistress Lucrezia Dominatrix  
Mistress Lucrezia
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Professional gothic mistress with 10 years experience. Discreet premises to cater for all kinks.
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Mistress Lilith Dominatrix  
Mistress Lilith
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am a professional Dominatrix, and have been since the year 2000. I offer private sessions in a secure, clean dungeon chamber in the city centre of Glasgow. My sessions can be quite personal for me as I am a sensual person, never feeling the need to shout or scream. I can get my point across with no words spoken, but with closeness, eye contact and slight gestures, I can manipulate you by any means necessary.
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Mistress Tegan Dominatrix  
Mistress Tegan
Glasgow, United Kingdom
!-Mistress Tegan-Glasgow-Based Dominatrix -,Glamorous Goddess,-Foot Fetish Specialist & superior Brat-! Mistress Tegan A glamorous Glasgow Based Goddess who operates from a fully equipped chambers, Don't be fooled by the innocence on her snow white face,Driven by Her Endless Imagination And Sadistic Instincts She will Entrance you Into a World that You have only Dreamed about and let you discover your deepest Darkest Fantasies whilst Introducing You to Knew ones.
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Corporal Punishment Mistress Dominatrix  
Corporal Punishment Mistress
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am a skilled disciplinarian who loves to cane naughty boys and girls. I am experienced in all forms of CP and an expert with the cane and also extremely good with the tawse amd paddle etc.
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Miss Kay Dominatrix  
Miss Kay
Hamilton, Glasgow, United Kingdom
If you are seeking a leather clad Dominatrix with a dungeon the please look elsewhere! I am a mature lady in her prime who has the life experiences to know how and when to be the Disciplinarian you have long been yearning for; whether it be in a strict Auntie / Manager / Nurse Headmistress role. I will make sure you are given the punishment you deserve. Iím ALL Scottish, independent, educated, easy to get on with, and if you have never done this kind of thing before, you will find me gentle and...
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