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United Kingdom

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  32 Scottish Mistresses Listed
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Madam Masters Dominatrix  
Madam Masters
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Elegant English Mistress,a kink and BDSM lifestyle enthusiast for whom dominance is inherent. Captivating both mentally and physically, with the ability to psychologically seduce you.
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Foot Fetish Domme Dominatrix  
Foot Fetish Domme
Glasgow, United Kingdom
You can visit me in my private studio, where you can relax, massage my feet, worship them and be comfortable with your fetish. You do not need to be naked at all, I have many foot fetish clients that prefer to remain clothed and worship my tootsies! As long as you are comfortable, thats all that matters.
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Fifty Shades Of Glasgow Dungeon Hire Dominatrix  
Fifty Shades Of Glasgow Dungeon Hire
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Fifty shades of Glasgow dungeon hire is a city centre premises based in the heart of Scotland. As well as hiring out the studio for private play, we are here to guide novice couples in SAFE, SANE, CONSENSUAL play.
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Abstrakt.Me.Studios Dominatrix  
Glasgow, United Kingdom studios is a city centre premises based in the heart of Glasgow. We are based on Hope Street, across from central station, and we are here for one reason alone.
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Mistress Sultry Belle Dominatrix  
Mistress Sultry Belle
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am an experienced lady who is skilled in many different fetishes including caning and all forms of corporal punishment, rope bondage, breath play, leather bondage, electrics and medical play. My personal premises is in Glasgow city centre. (G1)
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Goddess Erryn Dominatrix  
Goddess Erryn
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Scottish Dominatrix. Sadistic Goddess. Financial Succubus. Available for online sessions, and dungeon sessions in Edinburgh.
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Mistress Ana Dominatrix  
Mistress Ana
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Depending where you find yourself on the spectrum of kinksters and fetishists, you may consider me a professional play partner, Domina, Top, Matron, slut trainer and other such titles. I am and always will be the leader of your session, the guiding hand which brings you from stepping over the threshold into the knee trembling unknown, to the end of your scene with your slavish thirst quenched. As an established and well known Mistress located in Glasgow within a discreet premises, my values dictate...
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Becky Bond Dominatrix  
Becky Bond
glasgow, United Kingdom
I consider myself a true lifestyle BDSM MISTRESS and ruler of men. I originate from a conservative background and am nevertheless utterly perverted. I am in my mid 40s, curvy and very open minded.. To further my amusement I am available for PRO MISTRESS sessions in a Glasgow or Edinburgh Dungeon [by appointment only] for selected individuals/subs/slaves. I guess the most important part to know about me is that I thoroughly enjoy to crawl into a subís / slaves / newbies mind.. If you want...
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