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Angelica Andrews
Peterborough & London,
United Kingdom

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  13 South London Mistresses Listed
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Elsa Svensson Dominatrix  
Elsa Svensson
London, United Kingdom
Swedish nymphomaniac mistress, specialising in sensual and loving domination and roleplay
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Mistress Lubyanka Dominatrix  
Mistress Lubyanka
Croydon, United Kingdom
I'm an accomplished Mistress from Russia with twelve years experience as a professional in London and have my own extensively equipped chambers conveniently located in Central Croydon, South London. I enjoy dealing with submissives and slaves of all genders and persuasions whilst the activities that please me range from the seductive and sensual to the more extreme. See my comprehensive website for much more detail.
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Maitresse Sin Dominatrix  
Maitresse Sin
London SE16/SE1, United Kingdom
The BDSM Scene is My passion. I have been a dominant Female all of My life, and decided to put my passion into a profession over 15 years ago. I am based in a discreet, luxury, domestic setting but am fully equipped. I am located in Zone 1 of London.
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Mistress Lucy Zara Dominatrix  
Mistress Lucy Zara
Gatwick, Greater London, United Kingdom
A well-established, International Glamour, Fetish & Bondage Model, Playboy TV Presenter and Business Woman. If you've come to this page, you probably already knew that. What you may not know is that I also have a very wicked controlling side!! - I enjoy Dominating Submissive men. I love the fact that just looking at me can bring a grown man to his knees and make him do whatever I say, no matter how powerful his job may be in the real world, the fantasy of having ME taking control of him no matter...
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Mistress Diana
Croydon, United Kingdom
Mistress Diana - true alpha dominant London. International. Visiting hotels. Sadistic beautiful Curvy Domme. I smile when I see you in pain :) Do you want to know how you can act out your hidden desires and fetishes? I will take you by the hand (or by your collar) and take you on a trip through your desires.. My Slaves, toys and perverts will have their highest expectations exceeded during their visit. Surrendering yourself and putting your faith in my hands will result in a highly pleasurable...
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