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Princess Aurora
United Kingdom

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  42 South East Mistresses Listed
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Princess Lola Dominatrix  
Princess Lola
Southampton, United Kingdom
HRH Princess Lola of Southampton, Hampshire's finest Mistress. Your dreams just came true!
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Toxic Vixen Dominatrix  
Toxic Vixen
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
I'm a sensual but bratty Transgender Mistress specialising in Power Exchange, Humiliation and Intimate Body Worship.
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Goddess Miss Foxx Dominatrix  
Goddess Miss Foxx
Reading , United Kingdom
I am Goddess, Miss Foxx your Supreme Ebony Domination Queen.I offer realtime sessions to deserving and polite boys in Reading and Central London. I also offer a full Financial Domination service both online and on cam. Come into my lair and be enslaved by my intoxicating beauty and my commanding ways.
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Velvet Venus Dominatrix  
Velvet Venus
Brighton, United Kingdom
I'm a smart, stylish, lady Escort, also a firm Mistress who will be obeyed. I enjoy mild Domination especially teaching newbies who are curious and need to know more. I'm a non smoker and cannot tolerate those that do.
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Domina Tamzin Dominatrix  
Domina Tamzin
Hertfordshire, Essex and South East, United Kingdom
Let me introduce Myself… I am Domina Tamzin, a seductive, sophisticated Mistress who loves nothing better than bringing you lesser beings to your knees for me. I have a natural flare for Dominating submissive individuals and have a genuine passion for watching you whimper and grovel whilst being broken by my expertly cruel hand. Exploring your deepest desires is my aim and I will not stop until I have you laid totally bare at my feet. Your mind, body and soul will become mine and you will give...
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Married Doms Dominatrix  
Married Doms
Surrey, United Kingdom
Do you dream about being dominated by a couple, female domme or male dom, but have never found someone who can fully act out your fantasy how you want it? Or maybe you have visited professional domme’s before and found the whole service was not as you had hoped. We both offer, together or seperately a range of services to submissive men, women and couples. In a safe and unhurried and friendly, discreet atmosphere.
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Madame Luna Dominatrix  
Madame Luna
Southampton, United Kingdom
My name is Madame Luna and I am a Pro-Domme based in Hampshire but am happy to travel across the UK and Europe. I can be booked for Real Time Meets and/or online domination. I want to point out that I will meet you once you have booked.
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Ophelia de Havilland Dominatrix  
Ophelia de Havilland
West Sussex, United Kingdom
I'm a professional domestic disciplinarian who loves nothing better than old fashioned traditional over the knee hand spanking incorporating the cane, strap, hairbrush, tawse and old slipper.
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