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Mistress Allure
Central London,
United Kingdom

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Goddess Miss Kelly  
Goddess Miss Kelly
Kent & London, United Kingdom
***Foot Worship & Domestic sessions in Canary Wharf Friday 11th December*** A rare opportunity has arisen for slaves to serve Goddess Miss Kelly in Canary Wharf, London. Foot Worship & Domestic sessions will be taking place East London this Friday 11th December. APPLY NOW to ensure that you do not miss out on this fabulous opportunity to serve in the city. My sessions take place in the beautiful county of Kent, just 15 minutes from London Bridge in both Domestic and Dungeon...
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Queen Boss Lady B  
Queen Boss Lady B
London, Percival St EC1V 0BU, United Kingdom
You have a deep desire to give yourself to a stunning Black Goddess. No thinking permitted. You will simply obey. Relinquish control and gratefully surrender all of yourself to a breathtakingly beautiful, immaculately skilled, naturally Dominant Black Female. Experience true freedom and catharsis through submission. No sex or illegal activities. BDSM only.
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Mistress Chamoix
Scotland Central Belt, United Kingdom
A dominatrix who is interested in ensuring you have fun and your fantasy is fulfilled, be it ranging from electrics, foot fetish, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, flogging to humiliation. My touch will go from the sensual to the sadistic but you will always remember me.
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