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  23 West Midlands Mistresses Listed
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Nanny Lucinda Dominatrix  
Nanny Lucinda
Telford, United Kingdom
Nanny Lucinda welcomes Adult babies and Diaper Lovers to Her beautiful, well equipped and discreetly situated Nursery in Telford, UK.
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Mistress Stephanie Dominatrix  
Mistress Stephanie
Telford Shropshire, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Mistress Spankies! I cater for many fetishes - taking great delight caning and spanking naughty & disruptive schoolboys, flogging for pathetic wimps & pansies. I may also include skipping in the nude with your pathetic 'naughty bits' tied up with ribbon into a pretty bow - outside in good weather - depending on my mood! I become exceedingly stern, spiteful, being experienced with the use of my floggers, canes and whips to Twats, Pathetic Wimps, Pansies and Imbeciles! I force Sissy boys to...
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Mistress AthenaValeria Dominatrix  
Mistress AthenaValeria
Stoke on Trent, Midlands. UK, United Kingdom
Welcome to My Thrall. I am a feminine dominatrix. I am the hand that guides. I am the voice that tells. Be careful to walk where I steer. Be careful to act as I instruct. Be sure to listen closely to My council. I am your light and your darkness. I am Athena and I am War. I am Valeria and I am Love. My very strength is your simple weakness. New slaves may apply immediately. Email, Text or Call. Please Read my website it will help and guide you before visiting me.
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Lady Kali Blu Dominatrix  
Lady Kali Blu
Birmingham, United Kingdom
My natural sex appeal and quietly confident and seductive disposition, has determined that my forte is sensual and erotic domination. Mutually satisfied through (but not exclusive to) body/muscle worship, foot fetish & tie & tease. The art of the tease is something I have become adept at. Which serves to increase your denial. Furthered through my style of dress... Elegant & sophisticated outfits & lingerie. Although & furthermore I relish using my strength when it is warranted.
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Facesitting Mistress Dominatrix  
Facesitting Mistress
Birmingham, United Kingdom
I have been a dominatrix for many years now and am interested in many things but have grown to particularly love facesitting. Using a man as my seat or sofa is a favourite pastime of mine. I love to feel them suffocating under my bottom and gasp for air for the few moments when I let them, before smothering them again. My bottom is apparently made for the job. I do 1-2-1 private sessions where I love to sit and smother you.
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Miss Kendal Dominatrix  
Miss Kendal
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Do you require strict discipline to keep you on the straight and narrow? Do you need to be shown, in no uncertain terms, the error of your ways? Do you hope to recreate sensations from times past in a safe and judgement free environment? Do you yearn for a strong willed female with the resolve to see your punishment through to completion? The path to atonement begins here... Miss Kendal - The Disciplinarian Next Door
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Mistress Artemis Dominatrix  
Mistress Artemis
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Everyone has hidden desires and fetishes that they would like to try, they just donít know how to do so. This is why Iím here, a sultry, caring yet cruel Mistress who you can trust to introduce you to interesting, and sometimes bizarre, pleasures that will entice deep cravings you didnít even know you had.
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Mistress Maria Harlow Dominatrix  
Mistress Maria Harlow
Worcester, United Kingdom
I am a genuinely Powerful and Professional Dominatrix based in the West Midlands. My natural instincts and maximum pleasure are derived by taking control and exerting power over men. I delight in, and am well versed and experience in all aspects of Bondage, Domination, Submission and masochism. I have always had a talent for getting what I want from the weaker gender and this is backed up by My looks and sensuality. I offer a wide variety of CBT, strap on play, face sitting, ball busting, urethral...
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