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  91 Updated Mistress Profiles
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Geo Pinch  
Geo Pinch
Bristol, United Kingdom
I am an accomplished dominatrix of many years’ standing, with hands-on experience in the BDSM scenes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. Originally from Australia, I have travelled the world and am now based in Bristol, England. My premises are my own and consist of a purpose-built BDSM studio and a separate, dedicated domestic room. My specialties are CBT (my greatest love), CP,...
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Mistress Helen Ryder  
Mistress Helen Ryder
Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Explore your fantasies in West Sussex, experienced life style Mistress. Sensual, erotic or harsh disciplinarian? Role-Play a speciality, pegging/strap-on, CP, CBT, Electrics, Edging Venus2000, Smothering/Trampling, footworship, tranny make overs & much more awaits...
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Mistress Ava Black  
Mistress Ava Black
Scotland, United Kingdom
Strict sensuous ebony dominant Ava is available for sessions in London, England. For details of play interests and experience please visit the site.
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