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Central London,
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  25 Yorkshire Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Eleanor Dominatrix  
Mistress Eleanor
Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, United Kingdom
I am based between Doncaster, Barnsley & Rotherham in South Yorkshire. slaves, subs, sissies and bitches, you need Me to teach you how to bow down and worship your superior Mistress. you need to kneel at My feet, lick My boots, and obey My commands. Do as I say, or punishment WILL follow. Read My website carefully before contacting Me. I do NOT suffer fools. I only want to hear from serious subservient slaves intelligent enough to string a sentence together, and competent of following instructions.
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Mistress Dita Dominatrix  
Mistress Dita
Hull, United Kingdom
Welcome to My World...'Her Majesty's Pleasure' I am a Full time, Real time Dominatrix I offer mild-extreme Domination 8am-10pm 7 Days Call to book...
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Jay Crow Dominatrix  
Jay Crow
Leeds, United Kingdom
I specialize in hypnosis, conditioning and verbal humiliation. I enjoy: -Ice play -wax play -cbt and painplay -roleplay -chastity play -findom Become my plaything, if you are worthy.
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Mistress IQ Dominatrix  
Mistress IQ
Richmond, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am Mistress IQ; an intelligent, well educated lady with a wicked sense of humour and an even more wicked approach to domination! I have fully equipped chambers in a private house just off the A1 at Scotch Corner, where I enjoy receiving well mannered newbies and experienced submissives alike.
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Mistress Lola Von J Dominatrix  
Mistress Lola Von J
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
This Yorkshire rose has thorns!! and doesn't take fools gladly.I have been a pro Dom for over 9 years now and take pleasure in what I do. It gives me a rush.
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Mistress Raven Dominatrix  
Mistress Raven
Sheffield, United Kingdom
I am a Mature MILF Brunette Yorkshire Mistress awaiting your Call in South Yorkshire. I am Beautiful yet Playful, Demanding and Sadistic! I am a creative Mistress, I believe dialogue is essential to embark on an intense deep experience with an experienced Mistress. I am waiting!
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Mistress Maria Dominatrix  
Mistress Maria
Leeds, United Kingdom
I am a Pro Dom playing from the wonderful Leeds Chamber of Depravation, the Ultimate tease, sharp but sensual, seductively persuasive, men can't resist my allure, all levels welcome from novice upto experienced players contact me directly 07506 413397 or email me
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Mistress Of Desire Dominatrix  
Mistress Of Desire
Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Elite Dominatrix covering Yorkshire and the surrounding area. Intelligent, classy and elegant mistress. I come equipped with a sadistic and twisted mind! I am a tall, dark haired, english mistress. I am educated, elegant, and come well equipped with a sadistic and twisted mind. If you are looking for the creme de la creme of a dominatrix you have certainly found it. I have practiced domination for 8 years and I am a genuine domme. I love sissies, sluts, crossdressers, submissives and slaves...
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