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Miss Jessica Wood
Watford & Glasgow,
United Kingdom

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  14 East London Mistresses Listed
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Princess Almighty Dominatrix  
Princess Almighty
London, United Kingdom
Beautiful & bossy, Kawaii London schoolgirl : Princess Almighty lives to fuck things up. She will dominate you, destroy you and make you her personal plaything.
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Mistress Izabel Dominatrix  
Mistress Izabel
London, United Kingdom
This EXCLUSIVE Brazilian Mistress is skilled at making bad boys (and girls) behave better. You are now invited to come and explore and go beyond your own limits… You are invited to my place in Chelsea SW3. I’ll make sure you behave the way I want to.
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Mz Jane Dominatrix  
Mz Jane
London, United Kingdom
Mature Lesbian Dominatrix The voice of experience leading you away from the straight and narrow. I am a serious player with years of experience who offers professional sessions. Whether you are an absolute beginner wishing to try things out or a more experienced player wanting someone to push your limits, I offer a safe pair of hands and a truly twisted imagination to take you there.
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Vea Luz Dominatrix  
Vea Luz
London, United Kingdom
Vea Luz a.k.a Goddess Vea is a London based experienced professional Dominatrix, Model and Performer.
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Madame Marti Dominatrix  
Madame Marti
London, United Kingdom
I am Marti, and I welcome you to my version of Wonderland, a realm of kinky and erotic sensual pleasure. As in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, in my Wonderland magical things can happen and fantasy can become reality. I am your beautiful, beguiling guide to lead you to that magic and fantasy. So, come with me down the Rabbit Hole…
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Syn Ariad
London, United Kingdom
French Vampire, Muse of the Souls Based in East / Central London.
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