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Mistress Katerina
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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  7 East London Mistresses Listed
Mistress Izabel Dominatrix  
Mistress Izabel
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
This EXCLUSIVE Brazilian Mistress is skilled at making bad boys (and girls) behave better. You are now invited to come and explore and go beyond your own limitsÖ You are invited to my place in Canary Wharf. Iíll make sure you behave the way I want to.
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Mistress Flower of Scotland Dominatrix  
Mistress Flower of Scotland
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a beautiful, strong minded wee Scots Lass but donít be fooled by the fact that I am small, as they say dynamite comes in small packages. I will take control, intoxicate your mind and captivate your attention forever.
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Mistress Sandra Dominatrix  
Mistress Sandra
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am Mistress Sandra a stunning premier blonde Goddess .A true dominant personality.I relish living the lifestyle 24/7 and loving what i do. Warning! -I can be very addictive.
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Mz Jane Dominatrix  
Mz Jane
London, United Kingdom
Mature Lesbian Dominatrix The voice of experience leading you away from the straight and narrow. I am a serious player with years of experience who offers professional sessions. Whether you are an absolute beginner wishing to try things out or a more experienced player wanting someone to push your limits, I offer a safe pair of hands and a truly twisted imagination to take you there.
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Angelica Andrews Dominatrix  
Angelica Andrews
Hertfordshire / Cambridgeshire / East Midlands / Lincolnshire/Manchester, United Kingdom
My natural beauty, sadistic personality and wicked sense of humour will captivate your mind and body, transporting you to a parallel world.I specialise in pain and scat and work from different chambers all over the UK. If you think you are worthy enough to session with me have a look at my website!
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Goddess Cleo Dominatrix  
Goddess Cleo
London, United Kingdom
I am mesmerising, decadent, refined, my penetrating gaze seductively captivates your imagination... Indulge me with your fetishes and fantasies and I will guide you through an exquisitely unforgettable experience - my favourite passtime is to compassionately introduce newbies and novices to the delights of the BDSM world, luring them deeper into the depths of their psyche, gently pushing and probing boundaries. Those with experience entice me to use my imagination in order to tempt, tease, torment...
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Oriental Mistress Lily Dominatrix  
Oriental Mistress Lily
London, United Kingdom
Mandarin Queen is a superior, highly experienced professional Oriental Mistress of London. She is attractive, well educated, sensual, sexual, powerful dominatrix! She enjoys dominating submisive males who wish to furthur their education at her feet or over her knees. She is open to new ideas and experiences and she would love to explore your various fantasies no matter how unusual or rare they are. As long as they are harmless, safe & consensual.
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