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Mistress Ivy
United Kingdom

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  26 South West Mistresses Listed
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Lifestyle Mistress Lady Virginia Dominatrix  
Lifestyle Mistress Lady Virginia
Bristol, Carmarthen and Pembroke , United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Demanding Experienced Lifestyle Mistress has limited vacancies for true devotees in her well equipped chambers. Limits respected but always stretched. 25 years as a Professional Domme. All aspects of the scene enjoyed (non smoker). Come and submit to me today. Only true devotees need apply
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londonretreatfetishdoms Dominatrix  
earls court london, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
We are seven English fantasy and fetish mistresses who work as a co-operative from our luxury dungeon and adult playrooms Earls court 7 days a week Our main interests are role play fantasies, ws .pegging femdom bdsm kinks slave training fetishes and lots more tailered to each individual client tel 07774 643730
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Diamond Dominatrix  
Bristol, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
A sensual and classy Dominatrix born with a natural talent for coercing men to bend to my will. My approach is seductive, nurturing and spiritual, and my practice has been perfected over many years of professional domination. I demand respect, and believe in traditional gentlemanly values, and I like being treated like a lady. I am artistic, intelligent, highly educated and cultured. Domination is who I am, and I express it in everything that I do. 
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Miss Ria Harpsichord Dominatrix  
Miss Ria Harpsichord
Bristol, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Professional available for private BDSM sessions in my North London playspace. I also meet for vanilla-ish dates in public such as trips to the theatre, dinner and subtle public domination that will excite and delight with little risk of exposure to vanilla onlookers. If you enjoy a more exposing experience, you can attend a fetish event with me and revel in the attention of being my personal submissive for the evening.
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Mistress Jane Dominatrix  
Mistress Jane
Swindon , United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Explore your kinks however Mild or Mean. Immerse yourself in my sensual world of fantasy, torment & eroticism. Be the receiver of delight while your Reading Mistress takes control of your mind body & soul. ***FULLY EQUIPPED DUNGEON***MEDICAL FETISH WHITE ROOM***HEAVY RUBBER***SENSORY OVERLOAD SPECIALIST***MALE MILKING FACILITY***More Milking/Masturbation Machines than anywhere else in UK!!
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Mistress Isabella Dominatrix  
Mistress Isabella
Swindon/Wiltshire, United Kingdom
I have complete control, dominance and authority over you My slave - you WILL OBEY. The intensity of my aura will overwhelm your mind to the extent that I will be forever on your mind. I can be very severe, strict and commanding, yet beautiful, sensuous and stunning. Itsnotall about pain, I can also be sensuous, soft and gentle, but I will be in charge. Mistress Isabella will seek out your insecurities. you will need, want, desire and crave Me. Be warned I am very addictive!
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Domina Araneae Dominatrix  
Domina Araneae
Farnham, London and Woking, United Kingdom
I am a professional lifestyle English Domina who requires complete obedience. Softly, posh spoken, I will captivate your every sense, exposing you in your every fetish, kink and desire. You must give yourself to me, and I will ensure you receive a service like no other. I will keep you coming back for more, for the experience you will never forget, and never want to.
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Mistress Envy  Dominatrix  
Mistress Envy
Taunton , United Kingdom
I am the ultimate fantasy. A beautiful British Mistress. Tall with natural blonde hair. I am a well spoken, creative, sadistic temptress. naturally dominant and superior. A lover of rubber latex and breath play! I am one of the only UK dommes who offer looner / balloon fetish sessions. As well as male female cuckold and double domination. I am based in Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and Somerset. I am able to travel around the country and can be in London with ease. I offer a professional discreet...
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Mistress Zanna Dominatrix  
Mistress Zanna
Bristol / Southwest, United Kingdom
SADISTIC & SENSUAL: Monday Resident Mistress at House Du Croix Bristol chambers. STRAP-ON, FETISH, BALLBUSTING, DRESS UP, CP, CBT, SCHOOL MISTRESS, BDSM, BONDAGE, TALL, HUMILIATION, TIE & TEASE, Call or Email me for sessions: 07599 545068
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Nina Jay Dominatrix  
Nina Jay
Taunton, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Nina a stunning transgendered Mistress who has many years experience in dealing with naughty subs and slaves who wish to serve me. I work from Studio Onyx in Taunton and can be booked most days and offer many services. Just remember my wish is your command
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