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Miss Jessica Wood
United Kingdom

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  21 West Midlands Mistresses Listed
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Princess Jessika Dominatrix  
Princess Jessika
Birmingham , United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Are you a lost little slave in need of guidance, boundaries, rules and punishment? Or are you a true pain slut that needs the hard whip of this evil Princess. Are you a secret sissy, needing guidance and training? Help with choosing clothes, training to wear make up? Need a strong Mistress to feminise you and teach you to be the little sissy slut you really are? I may look cute but don't be fooled; I will break you!
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Madame Rubber Dominatrix  
Madame Rubber
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a mature and highly experienced dominatrix who also gets delight in dressing for pleasure i specialize in rubber fetish -leather- seamed nylons- lingerie-etc. So Let me take you in hand and lead you on your journey in to fetishism and submission. I can promise you an experience that no mere girl could ever deliver. With my skills honed on many submissive delights. With my confident possession of YOU .Let my sexual allure indulge the senses rest assure you are on a of a roller coaster thrill...
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Mistress Lagertha Dominatrix  
Mistress Lagertha
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Tall hour glass curved Dominatix, based in the heart of the Black Country & Central West Midlands. The ultimate rebble to all except my own authority. As a girl I gave up horse riding, in favour of the excuse to hit boys on the rugby field as a female player. Now I love creatively inflicting physical or mental pains to those who seek my time.
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Kali Blu Dominatrix  
Kali Blu
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Other Worldly & Bewitching. Sensual Sadist. Erotic Sigma Female. Creative kinkster. Fetishist. Perverse AF. Possessing a Proud & Sassy disposition. Alongside a keen wit & muscular sexuality. Being a Sapiosexual, I insist on exploring your mind. Creating an authentic & deeper connection. My sessions are typically potent, deep, playful & laden with humour. No fear. No ego. A warm return to our childlike, playful & altruistic true selves.
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Lady Sara Borgia Dominatrix  
Lady Sara Borgia
Birmingham, United Kingdom
I am the ultimate Lady, sharp, but sweet, severe yet sensual. Seductively persuasive no man can resist my allure. Each move I make is calculated with absolute rapture and decadence. There is no need for me to shout and scream my orders as for most of you a flash of my piercing stare and short commands will be enough to bring you to heal. Diligently intuitive I will know which road to take with you, weather its a firm, but gentle hand needed or the most severe weapon I own.
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Mistress MD  Dominatrix  
Mistress MD
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Devilishly Dominant, Sadistically Savage 7 brutal behaviours... Facesitting Mistress/findom/femdom The Cunnilingus Countess, corrupter of cocks,cunts and cucks!!
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Nanny Lucinda Dominatrix  
Nanny Lucinda
Telford, United Kingdom
Nanny Lucinda welcomes Adult babies and Diaper Lovers to Her beautiful, well equipped and discreetly situated Nursery in Telford, UK.
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Miss Anna Elite Dominatrix  
Miss Anna Elite
Telford, West Midlands , United Kingdom
A professional Dominatrix, a lifestyle Mistress, and once in My presence, one of the most Dominant women you will ever meet. I am approachable and friendly, experienced and have a large selection of toys/equipment to inflict the most delightful pleasure and pain imaginable. Come and submit to Me.
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