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Mistress Pamela Isley
United Kingdom

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  8 Welsh Mistresses Listed
Lifestyle Mistress Lady Virginia Dominatrix  
Lifestyle Mistress Lady Virginia
Bristol, Carmarthen and Pembroke , United Kingdom
Demanding Experienced Lifestyle Mistress has limited vacancies for true devotees in her well equipped chambers. Limits respected but always stretched. 25 years as a Professional Domme. All aspects of the scene enjoyed (non smoker). Come and submit to me today. Only true devotees need apply
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Mistress Poshtotti Dominatrix  
Mistress Poshtotti
Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
I have to warn you, once you have entered the Kingdom of Mistress Poshtotti, I will become your all consuming thought, Your Mistress, your Godddess. I am based in fully equiped, discreet, easily accessible premises in South Wales.
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Mistress Black Dominatrix  
Mistress Black
Swansea/Llanelli, United Kingdom
English Rose with a Sadistic Twist I am a well spoken, educated intelligent Mistress. I am a elegant, articulate ‘Horsey Lady’ with a wicked sense of humour.
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Kikkaj Dominatrix  
Newtown, United Kingdom
BBW hedonistic Goddess! Into many forms of control from sissification to basic sub training.Love to hear my toys beg and plead for attention, treat me as a the Superior being I am and of course be used for my amusement. I have a small personal play space which is expanding with more toys and equipment.
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Mistress Lucia Summers Dominatrix  
Mistress Lucia Summers
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Welcome to my Realm of domination, fetish, kink, control and when necessary torture and pain. I am Mistress Lucia Summers, my discreet and confidential service includes 121 tailor made sessions and interactions for your domination and fetish needs. You will find your encounter with me equally breath taking and exhilarating. I offer 121 meetings in Cardiff, UK as well as distance sessions via Skype and phone. To book a session or if you have any questions, get in touch with my via the various methods...
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Mistress Peters Dominatrix  
Mistress Peters
Cardiff , United Kingdom
Mention getting my details from Professional Mistress and you can get a dungeon booking for £150PH. I am Mistress Peters. I am a powerful woman both physically and mentally. I am tall, with striking curves and a natural air of dominance. I know exactly what I want from you and I know how to get it. I am unrelenting in my standards for myself and for you and I expect you to be obedient to my will. You must understand that to serve me is a privilege and align your mentality with that for our time...
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The Headmistress Dominatrix  
The Headmistress
Cardiff, United Kingdom
THE HEADMISTRESS Ms Payne Administers Physical & Non-Physical Punishments from the schooldays of yesteryears in a Private & Discreet Study.
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Smoking Mistress Selena Dominatrix  
Smoking Mistress Selena
Llandudno, United Kingdom
Wicked and Welsh, Smoking Mistress Selena is an expert in smoking fetishes but don't be fooled into thinking this is all she will do to you. Once you gaze into her deep green eyes you will realise that you will never want to be anywhere else other than underneath her boot
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