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Antonia Davenshaw CEO
United Kingdom

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  5 South Midlands Mistresses Listed
Medical Mistress Dominatrix  
Medical Mistress
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Medical Mistress in Milton Keynes. Medical Fetish Mistress at The Practice. A Fetish Medical Suite. A state of the art Medical Clinic for fetish medical treatments and procedures
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DominaSara Dominatrix  
MiltonKeynes, United Kingdom
Mistress in Milton Keynes, Domina Sara. I take great pleasure in turning BDSM and fetish fantasy into reality with a complete novice, or an experienced extremist. Dedicated studio and extensive Medical Clinic.
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Miss Tiffany Naylor Dominatrix  
Miss Tiffany Naylor
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Young, mean and sadistic Mistress in Milton Keynes - I like to push your limits and see just how much you're willing to take to amuse me - all with a smile on my face.
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Mistress Silk Dominatrix  
Mistress Silk
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
I am a creative experimentor, sometimes sadistic, sometimes cruel, maybe a little brutal but not wicked, I will take you to unchartered territory and thoroughly explore your sensuality after careful private discussion and consensual agreement.
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Lady Allegra Wilde Dominatrix  
Lady Allegra Wilde
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Elite dominatrix based between Milton Keynes and Northampton, naturally gifted in the art of seduction, domination and control. Curvy, confident and naturally alpha female with my extraordinary appearance, my fiery hair and piercing blue eyes I will have you weak at the knees. I cover a wide range of BDSM activities and services and have listed my favourite fetishes and kinky desires; this is not an exhaustive list, so do not hesitate to contact me if you do not see your particular interests...
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