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  3 New Mistress Profiles Created
Mistress Santos  
Mistress Santos
London, United Kingdom
New Mistress
I am a the ultimate ebony dominatrix based in London. My pretty face and sweet voice usually throws men off, I allow them to gloat before I swiftly humble them in humiliation and torment. ​ My skin is a luxury chocolate brown, my body is a curvy figure 8, my supple breasts are 34GG, my ass is a whopping 43". At 5"8, when I put on my 6 inch heels I tower over my subs. From a young age...
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Maam Malice  
Maam Malice
Liverpool, United Kingdom
New Mistress
Maam Malice, Sensual,Salacious,Sadist with a wicked mind & sharp tongue!Plus Size & Powerful.
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Mistress Domaura  
Mistress Domaura
Norwich, United Kingdom
New Mistress
Keyholding mistress
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