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United Kingdom

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  11 South London Mistresses Listed
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Mistress AMRITA Dominatrix  
Mistress AMRITA
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Highly experienced Japanese mistress based in London. Japanese Shibari bondage expert(effective immobilization yet comfortable enough, great combination with BDSM, tie and tease). I enjoy to offer variety type of BDSM, domination, fetish, act out subs fantasy with creativity and intelligence. Asian elegant beauty with long black hair, almond eye, slender body with perfect skin. Novices to experienced ones, soft sensual session to hardcore BDSM, all are welcome.
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Mistress Sophia Sahara Dominatrix  
Mistress Sophia Sahara
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Mistress Sophia Sahara - Arab Mistress of London. Sadistic and cruel; I take great pleasure in your humiliation and pain. When you are with Me you are My toy to play with. **Available now and taking real time sessions.**
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Sabrinas slaves Dominatrix  
Sabrinas slaves
Surrey, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Sabrina is a stunning English private educated dominatrix who loves to tease and dominate submissive men
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Goddess Lydia Dominatrix  
Goddess Lydia
Brighton, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
AVAILABLE FOR SESSIONS TODAY CALL 07960547812. The woman standing above you in all your fantasies, the height of female supremacy.
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Lady Valeska Dominatrix  
Lady Valeska
London, United Kingdom
Statuesque 6' tall Dominatrix with a divine obsession for humiliation and inflicting pain!
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Queen Cleopatra Dominatrix  
Queen Cleopatra
South London, United Kingdom
London based Ebony hypnodomme experienced in mind blowing erotic hypnosis and mind control and post hypnotic trigger embedding.
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Mistress Paris Dominatrix  
Mistress Paris
Croydon, United Kingdom
Australian, sadistic Mistress with over 15 years professional experience. I will take control and intoxicate your mind. I specialise in CBT, Corporal Punishment, forced feminisation, electrics. I work from a incredibly well-equipped dungeon space, with free parking. I welcome novices to the extreme players.
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Mistress Sarah Dominatrix  
Mistress Sarah
London, United Kingdom
Powerful Ebony Mistress of South London. I enjoy sensual and sadistic sessions, i love CP as much as the kinky fetish and bdsm sessions. I have my own private play space, which has a dungeon and CP room.
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Mistress Elektra Dominatrix  
Mistress Elektra
London, Sutton, United Kingdom
My name is Mistress ELEKTRA. I am an experience Mistress over 15 years now. I have clients, submissive men, who come and visit me at my fully-equipped Surrey dungeon, itís basically somewhere for people to come and explore their submissive side and get that out of their system. I deal with a lot of different men with a lot of different fetishes. I get a lot of repeat custom. Thatís by getting to know what theyíre into, and making them realise that itís ok, theyíre not a freak. It goes on a lot...
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Faye Summers Dominatrix  
Faye Summers
London, United Kingdom
Curvy and sensual redhead and American switchy Mistress and escort based in London sure to capture your imagination and make all your fantasies a reality. Offers a wide array of services both sensual and kinky.
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