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Mistress Cat le Beau  
I need your VOTE
Posted by Mistress Cat le Beau of Brighton, United Kingdom
I know my blog has alot of fans. And now it is up for an award. (Which I'm really hoping comes with a crown, or a trophy at the very least.) In the Best Blog category of the UK Fetish Awards.

Mainly, I write to distinguish myself. Secondly to clarify what I do and how I do it. Lastly, to guide you with advice aimed often at newcomers. BDSM seems like a nightclub that is very hard to get into to. With moody gatekeepers and a whole different language that seems to bar you from the outset. Many lurk on the periphery, too afraid to get involved, attend events, make contact. There are blog posts here with advice on how to approach me, how to overcome those early fears, and what you can expect to get out of it. If you commit to it fully and sincerely. Because there are a great many Dommes out there, and some have a similar look, similar pitch on our directory page. It can be hard to find the one that is right for you.
So if you enjoy my pictures, words or work then this is a daily task you could do that would actually be really useful. I am in two categories. This is the link for my blog nomination.

I am also up for Best UK Dominatrix but competition there is stiff. So I am not as optimistic.

Thank you.

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Maitresse Nuit  
An Idea for Valentines Day: Chastity & Keyholding
Posted by Maitresse Nuit of London, United Kingdom

The game of chastity is a hunt with an inevitable outcome when well conducted and almost perversely a ‘win win’ for huntress and prey:
Where Denial and Chastity contradict the instinctive habit of self gratification: a poignant account by Maîtresse Nuit’s slave.
The second Part of [Y]’s journey from play androgyne to full sissy via persuasive gender exploration and chastity control will be published on 12th February at 5:05pm on my blog:

or by following the direct link which will be published on Twitter a 5:05pm

You can read or re-read Part I of WHAT LIES BENEATH
by following this link:

Polite requests for audition via email only:

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Naughty French Maid in trouble!!
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
Does this naughty French maid need her pert bottom spanked or caned? Would you like to be a sissy girl that prances around and poses for her Mistress in ultra- femme dresses? Or even sissified with a girly makeover and a full body feminisation?? The possibilities are endless…

Guystogirls - Manchester’s Fantasy Dressing Service

Tired of Dressing alone??
Need help unlocking your inner sissy??
YES......... MAYBE .......
“GUYS to GIRLS” Manchester may just offer you the answer!!!!!

ULTRA TV Tart training under the strict guidance of a beautiful Mistress..... Primarily for cocksucking sissy whiores!!!

Fancy acting out, one of your "Girly Fantasies" in
Or being transformed into a beautiful girl for your Mistress? Full dressing service too.......
The possibilities are endless !

Tempted, but remember, I know exactly how, to discipline and punish a slutty tart, a sissy maid, or an intentionally, disobedient sexy girl.......
Tired of dressing alone????

Well then just contact me, so we can have a little chat. Don’t be shy… I’m easy to talk to and very approachable.
- Call me on (07739) 079559
- Email :

Sessions are tailor made to your unique, individual Girly needs...............
Private, luxurious and discrete premises with private parking.
So let me, make you, feel Gorgeously Girly.

Miss Debbie x
“GUYS to GIRLS” Manchester’s Fantasy Dressing Service.

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