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Miss Myers
Islington, London,
United Kingdom

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Maîtresse Nuit  
Maîtresse Nuit is visiting Zurich on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Posted by Maîtresse Nuit of London, United Kingdom
It's time to meet your Dark Anima and enter the Bacchanalia! Join me for memorable Pro-Domme sessions in Zurich.

I love to visit DER FEMDOM multiple and fabulously appointed playrooms designed and decorated with elegance, flair and equipped with state of the art furniture and implements. This gives me the opportunity to create intricate scenarios in one space.

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Mistress Clarissa  
Sissy Subspace Brainwashing Loop
Posted by Mistress Clarissa of London, United Kingdom

If you love to be hypnotised and feminised and to be taken deep into submission this loop is for you.

Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to lull you and take you effortlessly deep into trance and into your role as her submissive sissy. She clearly enjoys and understands the implications of laying the foundation to train you to crave subspace and ever deepening submission and devotion to her. Yes for Mistress Clarissa its all about power exchange. Listen as you sleep, or listen as you go abut your day, phrases will pop out as the file cycles around and around,her words will float around your mind and come back when you're not expecting them.

Themes include: feminisation, submission, subspace, female domination, brainwashing.

$20 22m40s Available on Warp My Mind now at:

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Miss Ria Harpsichord  
Bristol 11th-13th of May
Posted by Miss Ria Harpsichord of London & Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I will be returning to Bristol for BDSM sessions, vanilla or light dominantion dates and financial domination meets.

Spaces are VERY limited, prebooking is essential.

You will have the opportunity to learn discipline and humility under my watchful eye, you will be careful to behave exactly as a true servant should or else you be punished! The dungeon is equipped with a range of tools to keep you in line and I will not tolerate disobedience.

£170phr - £100 deposit to book

Experience my wrath in a fully equipped dungeon. Sensual domination and worship, rough and physical encounters or be brutalised with a good old-fashioned no mercy beating. The dungeon is where I can truly be my sadistic self and you will be honoured to present yourself to me.


Corporal punishment

Body worship


Verbal abuse


Anal play

More details of my interests can be found on my website.

Booking is based on a first come, first served basis. To secure a space, contact me through

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