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United Kingdom

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.Heading to Aberdeen - Scotland
Posted by goddessdionne of City of London, United Kingdom
my travels now take me to Scotland for 6 days
I like to meet nice gentlemen and go to party , meals and have fun with together, whrther iam exploring you or you are doing so in terms of deciding who is the one.
I am a confident mature Mistress who loves to have fun with adults in happy clean and safe envirohment , not a very good cook but a irrissistable Erotic play mate.

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
ULTRA feminine sissy slut training!!!!!
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
Tired of Dressing alone??
“GUYS to GIRLS” Manchester
Full Dressing service & more ........
Girls just wanna have FUN FUN FUN!!
TV Tart training unde the strict guidance of a beautiful Mistress.....
Fancy acting out, one of your "Girly Fantasies" in
Or being transformed into a beautiful girl for your Mistress? Full dressing service too.......
The possibilities are endless !
Tempted, but remember, I know exactly how, to discipline and punish a slutty tart, a sissy maid, or an intentionally, disobedient sexy girl.......
Tired of dressing alone????

Well just contact me? so we can have a little chat. Don’t be shy…
- Call me on (07739) 079559
- Email :

Sessions are tailor made to your unique, individual Girly needs...............
Private, luxurious and discrete premises with private parking.
So let me, make you, feel Gorgeously Girly.

Miss Debbie x

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Goddess Asha  
Posted by Goddess Asha of Highbury Islington London , United Kingdom
All Of this month there are several differents specials on for info contact Me


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