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Mistress Petite  
What's Up?
Posted by Mistress Petite of Bristol/Swindon, United Kingdom
A mid month update here and news about what plans I have coming up...

Last week, I had a great week in London with Goddess Dommelia, camming together and also we filmed some seriously kinky Femdom clips with Tgirl, Jessica Dee, so watch this space for that content very soon. Think, sissy slut training, tickling, tie and tease and lots of strap-on cocks! I have many clips stores so which ever one is your fav, click one and get buying




Many Vids:

Adultwork, if you haven't seen already on social media have just released a copy online of their pilot online magazine ( ) and you can vote for us girls to be on the front cover and I want to win! So in order to vote to get me on the front cover, go to my profile page, scroll to the bottom where is says vote and click on it to get me on it. I could win 200 credits too.
Vote here

I am in London again at the end of Feb. I will be attending the 'Beautifully Destroyed, Multi Mistress Party,' with Goddess Cleo on the 27th and will also be offering Double Domination sessions with Goddess Cleo on the 28th in central London. If you wish to take part in the party or indeed book a session with us then email me and visit

I will be meeting up with Miss Tiffany Naylor also on the 1st March to film some Double Domme Femdom POV Content and we are also able to take custom vid requests to shoot that day so get your order and ideas in quick and contact me here for rates etc.

STRAP-ON AUCTION - A lot of you are prob wondering what is happening with that. Well a lot of behind the scenes stuff has been going on, and lets just say, keep your eyes peeled on the vid which will be out soon, currently in the editing process of my First time fucking a boys bum with my strap-on. Woop Woop

If you haven't seen already, I will also be the resident Domme every Monday in March at The House DuCroix in Bristol so am able to take same day and last min bookings in Bristol every Monday in March! Also that means I am able to stay the night and do Tuesdays also. I will be also setting up some filming on those days too while I am there so book your session now via my contact form or email me

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Lady Seductress  
Chambers share wonderful location .
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Dear Ladies, I am currently seeking a fellow professional to share my spacious and elegant chambers in central London. The location is private and the entrance is discreet and precisely 1 minute’s walk from the tube.

Contact 07503289142


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Lady Seductress  
Touring dates
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Gracing Ireland, Scotland (Edinburgh ) & Sissy Manor , this spring with my presence .

Edinburgh 22nd Feb 26th Sessions to be held at Maison deDebauch .

Sissy Mannor Weekend 3rd March Yorkshire

Dublin Ireland 6th / 12th March .

Contact 07503289142


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