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Real time kink returning August 1st!
Posted by TheSchoolgirlDom of Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am so utterly delighted to announce that I will be offering real time kink in Glasgow again, at Abstrakt Studios.

To book with me the following conditions are now in place and are non negotiable.

To book in, please email me to make arrangements. Deposits and 24 hours notice for appointments is mandatory.

-Keep a 2-metre distance when entering the dungeon.
-I will take your temperature with a contact free thermometer, if you have a temperature we will reschedule the booking.
-Place your clothing in a black bag I will provide you and place the bag in the corner of the room.
-Use the wipes I have sat out for you on your body, and place the used ones in the flip lid bin.
-Use the Hand sanitiser that has been sat out for you.
-Please wear the disposable mask I will give you, to be binned at the end of the session.
-Once the session is over and you are dressed again dispose of the bin bag and face mask into the flip lid bin.
-Please sanitise your hand again before you leave.
-When escorted out, please observe the 2m rule.
-I will be cleaning the dungeon prior to your arrival and once we finish, using enzymatic cleaner, universal disinfectant and a UV sanitiser for my own peace of mind and yours.

I am slightly changing the activities we engage in, and this includes forgoing activities that put our faces very close together for elongated periods of time (tie and tease in the bondage throne and hypnosis for example). I will be wearing a mask and gloves at all times and you will be wearing a mask for the entirety of the session. I understand that this will be an adjustment, but being able to play safely is my top priority!

This is going to be a new chapter for us all, and if you have any questions please email me.

Mistress Nina x

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Posted by goddessdionne of City of London, United Kingdom
No news was posted.
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Mistress Cat le Beau  
Posted by Mistress Cat le Beau of Brighton, United Kingdom
If you've NEVER read a BDSM blog, I beg you to start here and now. Because the game just changed.

I am planning to start sessions again this month. As rules for businesses above ground are hard enough to follow and implement, it is even more of a minefield down in the underworld, where H&S is a painfully grey-area.

If any self-proclaimed "professional" Dominatrix or dungeon owner has not yet highlighted new measures or processes for reopening, and published, promoted this change, then these are people that do not care. They don't care about you, me, or the people that use the space after you and me are done. Dungeons have a lot of people passing through, and typically bodily fluids are abundant. This is a high-risk environment, even on a good day. And for me, as someone who relies on the facilities provided by others, I can see how these standards are going to be hard to guarantee. This is why I am writing to anyone booking with me in future, to confirm all the measures I will personally be introducing. Because I can be consistent even in a different venue, you need to be able to rely on me, even when the playspaces are offering varying levels of cleanliness.

Trust and safety are so important in BDSM. The changes I am making are not only there to protect you, but also to reassure you that you are in a safe place with a responsible provider, that while I cannot eliminate the risk entirely, I am trying my best to balance an intense session with a very unofficial Duty of Care. I am putting rules in place, and I appreciate you are trusting me with your body, including your long term health.

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