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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Dressing for XXX Pleasure!!!!
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom

Dare to be different?
Tired of Dressing alone??
YES......... MAYBE .......
“GUYS to GIRLS” Manchester just maybe for you!!

ULTRA TV Tart training under the strict guidance of a beautiful Mistress.....

Fancy acting out, one of your "Girly Fantasies" in
Or being transformed into a beautiful girl for your Mistress? Full dressing service too.......
The possibilities are endless !

Tempted, but remember, I know exactly how, to discipline and punish a slutty tart, a sissy maid, or an intentionally, disobedient sexy girl.......
Tired of dressing alone????

Well then just contact me, so we can have a little chat. Don’t be shy…
- Call me on (07739) 079559
- Email :

Sessions are tailor made to your unique, individual Girly needs...............
Private, luxurious and discrete premises with private parking.
So let me, make you, feel Gorgeously Girly.

Miss Debbie x
(07739) 079559

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Mistress Satine  
review june 2019
Posted by Mistress Satine of Worcestershire, United Kingdom
I have been visiting Mistress Satine regularly for the last five years on a monthly basis. I just wish I could see her more often. I have been seeing professional Mistresses since 2001, I just wish I had found Mistress Satine sooner as she is everything you could wish for whatever your naughty, kinky desires.

Her playroom is in a beautiful country house in the countryside in Worcestershire, totally discrete with plenty of parking on the drive. One of my favourite moments when I visit is ringing the doorbell and waiting for Mistress to open it. She is stunningly attractive and will be dressed incredibly sexily. She loves rubber and some of her outfits are stunning. She has a gorgeous figure and the most beautiful, long red hair.

Her playroom is not huge but it is hugely stocked whatever your kinky tastes. I can't think of a fetish or desire that she wouldn't be able to accommodate and although she is young she has experience way beyond her years. She is always totally confident in whatever procedure she carries out and although we have tried some fairly extreme games, I have never felt apprehensive when under her confident control. She is also great fun and we have a lot of laughs particularly when she is pushing my limits. which she regularly does.

My main fetishes are CP, electrics and anal/strapon play. I don't need a safe word, Mistress knows me so well that she knows when I can't take any more. She has a vast array of hitty things, floggers canes paddles etc. and I have tried most of them but have to confess I love the cane the best, Mistress manages to get me into subspace fairly easily and the pain becomes pure pleasure. Mistress has a superb range of electrical devices and electrodes and although we see each other very regularly she always manages to find different ways to torture me. As for anal play, with the help of the poppers which she can provide, she has turned me into a complete anal slut. We have gone from very small strapons to a range of huge dildos and strange insertables and still trying bigger.

Whatever your needs I am sure Mistress Satine would be able to accommodate you in a safe, sexy and fun session. She is Brilliant.
love Satines's teddy x June 2019

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Mistress Alexa  
New Private Playroom
Posted by Mistress Alexa of West Midlands, United Kingdom
I am now holding my sessions at my new private playroom in the West Midlands.

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