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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor
Central London,
United Kingdom

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Miss Kitty  
Take my friends pegging virginity! - Unique privilege
Posted by Miss Kitty of Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom
On the following dates I will be offering double sessions/training sessions with my kinky friend and aspiring Bitch - Miss Raven.

It has been one of life’s unforeseen delights, getting to dominate adoring slaves and dirty little sissy’s with my oldest friend.
Getting to degrade and humiliate, spank and feminize willing males on a daily basis, something I value greatly and something that I have a great passion for, so getting to share these sessions and see the smile it brings to my fellow Alpha’s face is priceless.
We love to laugh at your expense and simultaneously validate the submissive nature you have to conceal in your every day life.

It’s a mutually enjoyable experience where you are penetrated, be it anally or mentally my me, for the pleasure and deviant education of my dear friend….


A Little from Miss Raven;

“ As some of you know I am under the continuing tutelage of the highly experienced and very imaginative Miss Kitty in my kink education. It's been about 18 months since I first stepped into the scene and boy have I had my eyes opened!
It's been a constant and very enjoyable learning curve for me, yet I don't think I've covered the tip of the iceberg yet!
So this is a call out! I am looking to experience some of the following in my continuing education, so if you think you fit the bill then come hither out of your safe hiding places and let me play with you, let me abuse and have my way with you!
(Please note ALL sessions will be under Miss Kitty's guidance and appointments will be necessary)

Pegging: I want a willing butt boy to take my pegging virginity

CBT: I often daydream about taking my frustrations out on a cock and a pair of balls but there's rarely anyone available for me to get my full wish. I have big plans for that useless package you carry around between your legs.

Role play: For MY pleasure! and yours, I guess. Use your imagination with scenarios - I am eager to play strict headmistresses, abusive nun, angry office manager, what roles would you put us into if you could?

CP: Some of you have been VERY bad boys and need to come in and be punished accordingly. It's as simple as that.

Humiliation: Ok I'm sneaking this one in there (don't tell Miss Kitty this is supposed to be for new experiences!) But I just LOVE LOVE LOVE humiliation scenes, and am always so happy to give you a thorough tongue lashing, humiliating dressing down or force you to act out the most humiliating things - Oh as I live and breathe I just love it!

Animal play: Come and be my puppy or pony for the day! I have treats and plenty of fresh hay!

Bondage: I would like to practise my bondage skills on you, and learn more about the different facets involved, maybe you can share your preferences with me?

Anal play: Again re; pegging, but also fisting, toys etc

I am also very open to suggestions, so do use your imagination and come and please Miss Kitty and I by signing up to be my willing guinea pig! "


Email: - Keep it polite, clear and concise.
Bookings are taken 24hours in advance. Same day bookings are sometimes available if you are flexible on time and I happen to have a slot available.

Tel: 0779 446 3523 - No withheld numbers or texts (9am-7pm most days with exceptions)

Twitter: @MissKittyDomme

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Goddess Sophia  
Posted by Goddess Sophia of Yorkshire/London, United Kingdom
This is going to be a brief post because I'm super busy today, but I am excited to announce I will be available for sessions in Manchester tomorrow (Tuesday 10th October) from 2pm.

I will be sessionning from The Fetish Emporium which is a beautifully equipped multi room chambers filled with an array of beautiful equipment.

To apply for an appointment, contact me by telephone on 07929787988. If I don't answer, I will either be in session or driving, so either try again in an hour or so or send me a text and I will get back to you as soon as I am available.

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Mistress Lagertha  
At My Command, new Midlands FemDomme event
Posted by Mistress Lagertha of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Earlier this year I started a bi monthly FemDomme event called At My Command, which is held in Birmingham.

This weekend 7th October 2017, sees the the third event night happen - a month later than usual because of allowing for summer holidays etc.

The night is open to Dominant women lifestylers and professional FemDommes, submissives of all genders are welcome to attend.

The night brings together the unrivalled Midlands dungeon play events, with the social and networking of a more formal munch, plus the club event feel of London. All in the UK’s biggest full time BDSM dungeon - with capacity for 200 attendees!

To find out more either go to the Fetlife events guide or visit the events website

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