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Mistress Pamela Isley
Wigan, Manchester
United Kingdom

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Mistress Annabel  
London Bondage Adventures
Posted by Mistress Annabel of London, United Kingdom
This weekend has been a long term bondage weekend at My London studio. Bondage, predicament play, suspeension, gags, hoods blindfolds, bondage cuffs, body bags and straitjackets have all been used in Rubber Centric environment.

Are you a bondage lover? Do you love the feelings of ropes or tight latex encasing your body.

Do you get a thrill out of strict headbondage and complex gags?

Here are My webpages which tell you more about what can take place here at My Kensington studio which is lavishly equipped beyond your expectations.

Over ninety hoods and gasmasks await you with many items custom made bondage equipment including leg splints and neck corsets.

Serious Kit suit, two custom made Serious Kit hoods and full range of electrics.

Medical bondage and full traction and suspension can add to your treatment under My watchful control!

Let's do something exciting together!

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Mistress Annabel  
Genuine submissives coupled with intelligent obedience
Posted by Mistress Annabel of London, United Kingdom
There are a few opening here at City Chambers for genuine submissives, slaves and ardent fetishists.

Mentally and emotionally I am at My most inspired and thus best with established or advanced players or sometime players who wish to fast track to find out more about themselves and their psyche in the erotically charged world of Female Supremacy and male submission.

First, I must make it clear, your hard limits are always respected but everything else is there to be explored, challenged, erotically enticed,always for My satisfaction. Forays into new thrilling situations lead the male mind and libido into a delicious juxtaposition akin to night and day. The male body and mind challenged whilst under consideration.

Slowly, you will get to know Me, the ultimate Mistress, Mistress Annabel with a wealth of experience totally adept at all forms of control. You will submit, serve and get to know My preferences and start to crave to look after them for Me.

For those living further from London, I relish in giving tasks and keeping you close between our thrilling encounters.
I am curently toying with some new ideas for distance training.

Do you have what is takes to become My toy, My male slave or ardent fetishist?

Professional meetings at My luxury London studio, equipped way beyond your expectations. Both male submissives and Female Dominants have remarked they have not seen another playspace like Mine in the UK.

I am an Arch Mistress who laces sensitivity with authenticity to make you the best male you can possibly be.

I am excited to receive your respectful application for a wonderful journey We take together.
+44(0)7377 264773

NO texts, NO skype, NO timewasters.

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Mistress Clarissa  
Listen and Obey
Posted by Mistress Clarissa of London, United Kingdom
This is a powerful FemDom Sissy slave girl loop focused on encouraging greater internalised femininity, submission and obedience to Mistress Clarissa.

Mistress uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to gently take you down into trance, she then effortlessly takes control over your body and mind making you feel so very feminine submissive peaceful and content.

Themes: internalised feminisation, submission, slave girl, Female domination, Mistress, slave training.

$10 16m23s Available on Niteflirt now at:

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