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Mistress Elliana
Manchester, United Kingdom

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Mistress Anna
Back in Reading with Mistress Ivy
Posted by Mistress Anna of Huntingdon , United Kingdom

Mistress will be available for solo or doubles session with Mistress Ivy Saturday April 6th till Sunday midday.

I am sure you know its always best to prebook to avoid any disappointment.

Once confirmed and have submitting then we can arrange a chat that suits us both to discuss further .

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Club nights
Posted by Lisa of Cheltenham, United Kingdom

There are kinky events happening in Swindon, which is less than an hour from where I am in Cheltenham. And also at clubs in Birmingham.
I enjoy playing with both sexes at a swinging evening.
I enjoy sucking any hard cocks that might be in the room, perhaps when guys are watching a lady at play.
If you would like to chauffeur me to the venue I would instruct you to follow my example. You would be either naked or wearing something frilly and feminine. When I find a suitable cock you would be ordered to suck it. Until the owner climaxes and fills your mouth with sperm.

Certain events allow for exhibitionistic play and if I am in the mood I would enjoy penetrating you with everyone watching.
Or make you watch while I pleasure a lady.
First week of April there is an event in Birmingham focusing on watersports and messy bukkake.
Drive me there and back.

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Violent Siren
Sessions availability in March
Posted by Violent Siren of Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Booking for March at both Fallen Angel and Oubliete. Get your slots booked (filled)😘

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