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United Kingdom

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Baroness Essex Dominatrix  
Baroness Essex
Essex, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
An Iconic Dominatrix, and a World renowned Dominatrix. Located in Essex, close to the M25. Owner of one of the finest equipped Residences in Europe, all set in fifteen acres far away from prying eyes, but only thirty minutes from Central London. The Baroness also travels to NYC and LA.
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Charlotte Rose Dominatrix  
Charlotte Rose
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Stunning and Seductive.... A lover of kink... Fetish provider with a fetish for leather & Latex. Strict Dominant Queen who was born to rule, your head & your heart. Be warned I Will lead you into temptation .... like Adam taking a bit of that apple.......
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Mistress Anna Dominatrix  
Mistress Anna
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Mistress Anna demands obedience at all times. However, I am happy to see newbies and the nervous has well where we can work together to ensure you have a fulfilling time while we find your preferences. I offer a full range of BDSM activities so please do not be scared to ask if I have not covered your particular preference on here. Corporal punishment in the form of Caning, Whipping and Cock & Ball Torture is always a favourite for me anyway Lol Perhaps you have a foot fetish and would...
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Madame Athlaina Dominatrix  
Madame Athlaina
Norwich, United Kingdom
My name is Madame Athlaina. I have been a Dominant Woman all My life, and practising Professional Dominatrix for the past 15 years. Madame now has Her own purpose built and fully furnished playroom to cater for Her Real Time and Online Domination Sessions. Located just a 5 minute drive from Norwich airport, view My website to find out more.
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Mistress Penny Brooks Dominatrix  
Mistress Penny Brooks
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
I am a professional mistress based in Chelmsford, Essex. Available for role-play, CP, domination, toilet-training, tie & tease, humiliation, slave-training, sissy training and many other aspects of female domination.
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Ms Freya Dominatrix  
Ms Freya
Stansted Airport, United Kingdom
I am Ms Freya, a playful, caring but strict lifestyle & professional Mistress around the Stansted airport area. I would be best described as an intelligent evil sadist, a perverted Mommy figure and a primal predator that loves to hunt my prey. I giggle when I hurt you, I smile when I press your buttons and I love nothing more than playful domination of delicious subs, slaves, sissies and adult babies. I like to get inside people's heads, have a good poke around and unravel hidden desires....
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Mistress Victoria of Essex Dominatrix  
Mistress Victoria of Essex
Braintree/Halstead, United Kingdom
As a sympathetically reassuring Mistress I pride Myself on "tapping into" your thoughts and every need. Mastering the art of body language had been My ambition since my late teenage years and taking you to the point of no return and surrendering yourself to Me is mesmerising and erotic in ways unimaginable! Although verbal direction can be used (of which I am highly skilled) sometimes, very few words, closeness and eye contact are all that's needed to have you submit to My every whim.
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Mistress Giselle Dominatrix  
Mistress Giselle
Essex, United Kingdom
Mistress's new dungeon in Chelmsford is now open and busy! I specialise in watersports, foot worship, CBT, CP, role-play-headmistress/KGB agent/fetish goddess, sissy training and financial domination. My feet are simply beautiful and you cannot wait to be under them.
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Mistress Ceres Dominatrix  
Mistress Ceres
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Beautiful and educated with over fifteen years of kink experience, I'm finally in a position where my own private chambers are coming together and I can see submissives professionally once more. I am well-versed in all manner of kinks and fetishes and as happy sessioning with experienced players as I am showing a newbie on the ropes. I enjoy intelligent and imaginative slaves and have a penchant for unusual fetishes and kinks. Privately, I am cultured, political and have a soft spot for the...
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Mistress VJ Dominatrix  
Mistress VJ
Kings Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom
I am Mistress VJ owner of The Annex adult alternative party venue where I am available for tributed sessions or at my town flat in Kings Lynn. I will penetrate your mind and thoughts and captivate your imagination with my seductive gaze......then we will begin! Find my services listed on my website:
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