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Goddess Annihilator
Winchester, United Kingdom

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  7 East of England Mistresses Listed
Baroness Essex Dominatrix
Baroness Essex
Essex & London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

Baroness Essex has been described as an Iconic Dominatrix, a World renowned exponent of Domination. Located in Essex, close to the M25. Owner of one of the finest equipped Residences in Europe, all set in fifteen acres far away from prying eyes, but only thirty minutes from Central London. The Baroness also travels to NYC and LA with regularity.

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Mistress Lillian Hex Dominatrix
Mistress Lillian Hex
Suffolk, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

Hailing from central Suffolk and regularly working from Essex and London. I'm easily accessible for acts of devotion and submission. Heavy bondage, sensation play, scent and nylon are some of My most beloved acts in session... I have a reserved yet intense personality, wickedly sadistic tendencies and dark features. Perfect for torment. It's in My interest to leave you feeling weak and bewitched after our time together, pining for another lash, another insult, another restraint. I want to work My way into your head and use it for My pleasure, almost parasitic in nature.

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Mistress Victoria-Rose Dominatrix
Mistress Victoria-Rose
Halstead, Essex, United Kingdom

Mature and Very attractive, Petite, slim, Busty, Blonde, Elegant, Well Spoken, English Lady. Dedicated to her loyal subjects with many years experience. Sympathetic to all needs! Fully equipped dungeon. Easy discreet parking. Halstead, Essex UK

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Madam Jese-Belle Dominatrix
Madam Jese-Belle
Essex, United Kingdom

Mistress Touring this Location

"If manners don't maketh man, then Madam will breaketh man" - Madam Jese-Belle. In my presence manners and civility are of the utmost importance and must be upheld at all times. Failure in servitude will result in swift and decisive punishment. Though if you obey and are polite well, maybe you can worship me?

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Mistress Anna Dominatrix
Mistress Anna
Huntingdon , United Kingdom

Mistress Anna demands obedience at all times. However, I am happy to see newbies and the nervous has well where we can work together to ensure you have a fulfilling time while we find your preferences. I offer a full range of BDSM activities so please do not be scared to ask if I have not covered your particular preference on here. Corporal punishment in the form of Caning, Whipping and Cock & Ball Torture is always a favourite for me anyway Lol Perhaps you have a foot fetish and would like to get on all fours to become my footstool before removing my stockings from my long shapely...

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Ms Freya Dominatrix
Ms Freya
Essex, United Kingdom

I am Ms Freya, a playful, caring but strict lifestyle & professional Mistress based in Essex. I would be best described as an intelligent evil sadist, a perverted Mommy figure and a primal predator that loves to hunt my prey. I giggle when I hurt you, I smile when I press your buttons and I love nothing more than playful domination of delicious subs, slaves, sissies and adult babies. I like to get inside people's heads, have a good poke around and unravel hidden desires.

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Mistress Sophie Dominatrix
Mistress Sophie
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I am Mistress Sophie, your leather and PVC clad goddess of all who kneel before me. Iím sadistic, dominate and powerful in every way. My kinks that I practice are extensive and wide ranged, as is my clients who come to see me. Iím also a specialist Autistic and ADHD domme, so if you fall on the spectrum, I am able to help you.

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