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Mistress Pamela Isley
United Kingdom

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  11 East London Mistresses Listed
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Lady Isla Dominatrix  
Lady Isla
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a sensually sadistic professional and lifestyle Domme with a particular passion for slave training, impact play, rope bondage, pegging and CBT. I welcome newbies and experienced players alike and delight in creating varied sessions that are mutually satisfying.
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Mistress Ivy Dominatrix  
Mistress Ivy
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
During the current Covid-19 crisis, check out my Only Fans at @Ivy_miss. I am available primarily in my fully equipped dungeon in East London. Or I use luxury apartments in both Marylebone or east London. I am an educated, young English Mistress, with many years' experience, making Me very skilled and what I do. I enjoy quite a variety of different BDSM activities, from light and sensual, to really quite extreme. My main in East London playroom is very well equipped. I love to hear your most...
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Mistress Courtney Dominatrix  
Mistress Courtney
East London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Professional, high class, sensual Dominatrix - You may call Me Mistress Courtney - Come and see the Femme Fatale of East London. Yes, I have moved to LONDON!
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Goddess Morrigan Dominatrix  
Goddess Morrigan
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Dark Goddess & internationally published fetish model - I'm both cruel and sadistic, intoxicating, intuitive and magnetic. You will strive to prove yourself worthy and satisfy my exacting standards. Serving and pleasing me will be the focus of your life, your highest ambition as my slave. I will mould you into the perfect subject. A journey which will consume your mind, your body and ultimately your soul.
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Suzie Blue Dominatrix  
Suzie Blue
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Iím Suzie. Iím an artist in the daytime and a revelation at night. Iím part provocateur, part dreamer, as well as the sweetest punk youíll ever meet. A Venus flytrap in furs, kinks have always enticed me more than straight edges. My lovers tend to have a penchant for deviance, or even just a mind full of illicit secrets. What sides of yourself are you hiding? I like my cabaret non-stop.
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Mz Jane Dominatrix  
Mz Jane
London, United Kingdom
Welcome to the home of intelligent perversion. London Mistress Mz Jane Wild: confidently in control, enigmatic and complex, capable of both kindness and cruelty. Intimidating but also playful, softly spoken, with an undeniable air of calm. Known for a rather dry sense of humour.
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Miss Kim Rub Dominatrix  
Miss Kim Rub
Hoxton London E2, United Kingdom
As a London Mistress Ė Illustrious Domme, I have always had a passion for BDSM and fetish. With more than 28 years of experience, I have the skill and the knowledge to make for a very interesting private BDSM client session and Mistress Workshop class.
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Mistress Bliss Dominatrix  
Mistress Bliss
London, United Kingdom
Tattooed Queen of Erotic Sadism! Australian born lifestyle fetishist, BDSM specialist and Elite Dominatrix, Mistress Bliss will strike you down and transfix you with her commanding beauty. Expose your filthiest, most depraved self, fall to your knees and worship London's most sought after, divine and delicious Domina!
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Madam Esmeralda Dominatrix  
Madam Esmeralda
London, United Kingdom
Don't let my smiles fool you, I am very strong, dominant and punishing. I will ask you your boundaries, I will respect them, and then I will push them. Itís my fine balance of naughty and nice that will leave you yearning for more of me.
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Governess Xela Xaste Dominatrix  
Governess Xela Xaste
London, United Kingdom
I am an attractive, intelligent and very experienced dominant woman. I can be frighteningly strict. I am constantly creating different forms of punishment and roleplay so I can provide whatever is deemed necessary. I will punish and humiliate, tease and arouse you without you knowing which is coming next.
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