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Mistress Ivy
London, United Kingdom

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  3 Northern Ireland Mistresses Listed
Mistress Kimberly Crimson Dominatrix
Mistress Kimberly Crimson
Belfast, United Kingdom

Professional control freak, playful devil in disguise. My name is Kimberly Crimson, Mistress Kimberly to you. Natural red-head, natural sadist... I will possess you. Best bitches need only apply!

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German Mistress Silke Dominatrix
German Mistress Silke
Belfast Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I am Miss Silke. A Beautiful German Lady who has abilities that will take you to the edge. From mild to extreme your fantasies will be catered for. With your desires in mind I will share an experience with you that you will remember for all the right reasons. Sharing a desire with me is the first step to becoming fulfilled. Lustfully and effortlessly, I will inflict a combination of the most sensual mental game you can bear. Pushing limits to their breaking point is what drives my perverse nature. I am completely independent, discreet and work for my self. For any requested rendezvous I want...

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Anne Couture Dominatrix
Anne Couture
Belfast, United Kingdom

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Hello Boyzies! My name is Anne Couture! I am your Queen! As a strict & kinky dominatrix! I love travelling , exploring new countries & meeting new people!I'm an experienced& very selective dominant Lady! I harness my natural dominance to draw my submissives under my spell. Lady Anne Couture

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