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  130 Central London Mistresses Listed
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Ingrid Frost Dominatrix  
Ingrid Frost
London/Bayswater W2, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Im Mistress Ingrid Frost .The most known NO LIMIT Mistress in Europe and not only ! Nothing is a taboo to Me ,as long is safe ,legal ,and between adults . Ask for my FREE VIDEO Clips ,to have an idea about me in action .Im a HARDSPORTS /Full toilet specialist ,Anal trainer from soft to extreme ,feminization expert ,and i can do TWO LITRES in watersports ! MY round ,perfect Ass is a heaven for every slave to worship it !...
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Mera Dominatrix  
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Dark and sadistic Mistress - I relish in witnessing you surrender to me completely, taking control of your mind, body and soul. I work from a fully stocked professional and private premises based in North West Manchester, close to the M60 and a Metrolink stop. Available Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sundays on advance booking). Call me to discuss your fantasy and arrange (withheld numbers re not answered). Feel free to email me with you enquiry and/or if you would like me to have advance information...
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Scarlett Thorne BDSM Dominatrix  
Scarlett Thorne BDSM
London W2, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
STUNNING BRITISH MISTRESS - Youth - Beauty - 10+ yrs Experience ***** Private, DISCREET and EXCLUSIVE BDSM + Crossdressing facilities in the TrannyFlat of Central London!**** My name is Scarlett Thorne, AKA Charlotte Jones, though you may choose to call Me Mistress... Princess of Perversions. Temptress to the Twisted. Let Me take you over
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Lady Godiva Dominatrix  
Lady Godiva
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a mature Dominatrix who exudes the calm confidence, that only age and wisdom can bring. My domination over you is effortless. I do not need to scream and shout to control you. I just know that you will do as I say.
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londonretreatfetishdoms Dominatrix  
london, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
We are seven English fantasy and fetish mistresses who work as a co-operative from our luxury dungeon and adult playrooms Earls court 7 days a week Our main interests are role play fantasies, ws .pegging femdom bdsm kinks slave training fetishes and lots more tailered to each individual client
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Mistress Tanya Dominatrix  
Mistress Tanya
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I guarantee you that my darker side will take over your submissive side. You will revel in being treated as my subservient and I shall become your demanding cruel sensuous London Mistress whose every dominant whim you obey, automatically and without question. During your session at my London Dungeon, you will be taken to and beyond your limits and I will expand on your fantasy and file them away in my mind for future sessions.
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Joanne Campbell Dominatrix  
Joanne Campbell
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a power play fetishist and sadomasochist who enjoys manipulating submissives with my trademark mix of sweetness and intense cruelty. My interests are broad, my desires deviant, and I fulfil them all through force of will and intense physicality.
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Sissy Mistress Dominatrix  
Sissy Mistress
Baker Street , United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Domination and sissy play .. 1 hour 160 // 2 hours 280 BAKER STREET station. 07850 230 434
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