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UK Mistress of the Month
Angelica Andrews
Peterborough & London,
United Kingdom

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  4 Mistresses Listed
Mistress-s Dominatrix  
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Come and fulfill your fantasies
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Mistress IQ Dominatrix  
Mistress IQ
Richmond, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am Mistress IQ; an intelligent, well educated lady with a wicked sense of humour and an even more wicked approach to domination! I have fully equipped chambers in a private house just off the A1 at Scotch Corner, where I enjoy receiving well mannered newbies and experienced submissives alike.
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Minxtress Dominatrix  
North Shields, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
Experienced, Sexy, fun, playful, sadistic mistress x
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Mistress Celeste Dominatrix  
Mistress Celeste
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Celeste, a professional dominatrix based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I enjoy my profession immensely, possess a keen intellect, and am always well presented. I stand well over 6 feet in my boots or heels, and my appearance is complimented by natural FF breasts. I want to hear and fulfil your submissive fantasies. I love to role play, but you will never forget I am in charge. I enjoy seeing novices, and cater to those seeking mild domination to very wayward slaves that need some serious...
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