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UK Mistress of the Month
Angelica Andrews
Peterborough & London,
United Kingdom

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  7 South Midlands Mistresses Listed
Angelica Andrews Dominatrix  
Angelica Andrews
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Your need to submit to a force far greater than yourself and the desire to be teased and tormented can not be denied any longer. Now you are here reading the words which touched my lips ........ What do you think you should do?
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Mistress Karolina Dominatrix  
Mistress Karolina
London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am Moscow's most Prominent Dominatrix now in London till the end of February, 2 more days! and as a dual national I have decided to bring my greater knowledge from my experiences of Moscow and the East to my friends in London. Explore the Enigmatic Russian Rose and let me explore you in return! The Diamond of the Theme and your Mistress! Explore the Enigmatic Russian Rose and let me explore you in return! The Diamond of the Theme and your Mistress! Read more on my page about your...
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Miss Tiffany Naylor Dominatrix  
Miss Tiffany Naylor
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Young, mean and sadistic Mistress in Milton Keynes - I like to push your limits and see just how much you're willing to take to amuse me - all with a smile on my face.
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DominaSara Dominatrix  
MiltonKeynes, United Kingdom
Mistress in Milton Keynes, Domina Sara. I take great pleasure in turning BDSM and fetish fantasy into reality with a complete novice, or an experienced extremist. Dedicated studio and extensive Medical Clinic.
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Mistress Mephisto Dominatrix  
Mistress Mephisto
South Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
If you are looking for intense, scary, edgy, BDSM play with a well-educated, well-dressed mature Dominant woman, then you're in the right place. I am currently holding a limited number of sessions across southern UK, for subs and slaves. My wealth of 10 years of personal and professional kinky experience, enable me to make the time you spend in my presence the most amazing few hours.
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Ms S'Verity Dominatrix  
Ms S'Verity
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
An ardent and strict disciplinarian, a reformist of behaviour. Strict Spanking Mistress in Milton Keynes, Ms S'Verity is dedicated to traditional CP and Spanking.
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LadyDisgrace Dominatrix  
Oxford, United Kingdom
Crouching Twink, Hidden Sadist - I love pain play and humiliation. Especially when they are part of enacting people's deepest, darkest fantasies. I love causing and releasing people from shame around their sexual secrets....
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