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Miss Myers
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  37 South East Mistresses Listed
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Miss Chloe Rouge Dominatrix  
Miss Chloe Rouge
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Captivating English Redhead Mistress. I can be playful or strict but whatever my mood you WILL obey me and you WILL serve me as I see fit. If you are a nervous newbie then I can take things very slowly and build up till you find your personal limits and enjoyments. I particularly enjoy flogging/whipping and caning, I have yet to meet one who could take the full force I can give for very long so if you love a good hard caning/whiping, the gauntlet is thrown Mild, strict and sensual...
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Mistress Monarchy Dominatrix  
Mistress Monarchy
Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
Mistress Monarchy; imaginative, intelligent, cruelly playful dominatrix is available to consider grovelling supplicants at Her equipped chambers in Hove. I was born to be served by submissives, My imagination limitless, your need to serve boundless. Serve Me well toy, that is your purpose. your gift of submission will be rewarded with My penetrating perception as I explore how best to enjoy your offering.
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Mistress Lucy Furr Dominatrix  
Mistress Lucy Furr
Reading, United Kingdom
I am a Size 24 BBW Mistress specializing in face-sitting and squashing and offer other BDSM activities. Based in Reading, UK. I offer face to face and on-line sessions. More information can be found on my website.
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Kountess Von Kink Dominatrix  
Kountess Von Kink
Brighton & London, United Kingdom
Kountess Von Kink is an Independent International Dominatrix. A lifestyle Kinkologist she specialises in a broad spectrum of fetishes and roleplay scenarios. Foot worship, Office Bitch, Ageplay, School Mistress and BDSM are just a few examples. The Kountess is very open minded and impossible to shock although she may enjoy you trying! Apply respectfully.
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Goddess Miss Kelly Dominatrix  
Goddess Miss Kelly
Kent & Central London, United Kingdom
***Foot Worship & Domestic sessions in Canary Wharf Friday 11th December*** A rare opportunity has arisen for slaves to serve Goddess Miss Kelly in Canary Wharf, London. Foot Worship & Domestic sessions will be taking place East London this Friday 11th December. APPLY NOW to ensure that you do not miss out on this fabulous opportunity to serve in the city. My sessions take place in the beautiful county of Kent, just 15 minutes from London Bridge in both Domestic and Dungeon...
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