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Mistress Darcy
London, United Kingdom

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  3 Welsh Mistresses Listed
The Mistress Sadie Dominatrix  
The Mistress Sadie
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Sadistic Alluring Demanding Intense Exciting Cardiff's ONLY Resident BBW Pro Domme *Exclusive to Cardiff- I do NOT Tour* *QUEEN OF HUMILIATION* *SMOKING FETISH EXTRAORDINAIRE* *SLUT TRAINER* *PROVIDER OF PAIN* *HERE TO HUMILIATE, RIDICULE, USE, ABUSE & CONTROL YOU* **CALL NOW 07526284049**
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Mistress Donnamatrix Dominatrix  
Mistress Donnamatrix
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Demanding Scottish Sexy Dominatrix, Mistress Donnamatrix. Bondage, Fantasy Role play Specialist, Anal Stretching, Sissy Training, Humilatrix, Direct Accurate, Corporal Punishment, Secure discreet central Cardiff premises Sole use only 07752 333239
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Miss Deelight Dominatrix  
Miss Deelight
Newport, United Kingdom
I am your Goddess and supreme Mistress. Chastity and Hypnosis are my specialities but I am skilled in most areas of BDSM. I will take you places you can only dream of, with my beauty, authority and twisted caring nature. I will humiliate you, then care for you, use you, then nurture you, hurt you and pleasure you. Your mind will be spinning as I take your emotions and senses through a roller coaster ride of thrill and excitement. I am also skilled in erotic hypnosis and offer the best JOI you have...
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