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Angelica Andrews
Peterborough & London,
United Kingdom

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  25 Yorkshire Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Eliza-Lou Dominatrix  
Mistress Eliza-Lou
halifax, United Kingdom
Debauched Dominatrix Eliza-Lou craves submissives to satisfy her compulsion, whilst leaving you feeling exhilarated in the process!
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Mistress Kendra Dominatrix  
Mistress Kendra
Bradford, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Kendra, a feisty Dominatrix with a wealth of experience and a wicked sense of humour! My superior strapon sessions are legendary but I also enjoy thrashing a red hot bottom. My Bradford chambers include a mirrored playroom, study area, TV/CD transformation boudoir and a fantastic anal toy collection! Available by appointment only - check out my website and email your session ideas now!
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Mistress Dita Dominatrix  
Mistress Dita
Hull, United Kingdom
Welcome to My World...'Her Majesty's Pleasure' I am a Full time, Real time Dominatrix I offer mild-extreme Domination 8am-10pm 7 Days Call to book...
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Mistress Gia  Dominatrix  
Mistress Gia
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mistress Gia for Seductive Domination
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Miss Chi Dominatrix  
Miss Chi
Leeds, United Kingdom
I am a beguiling Chinese Dominatrix. Physically elegant and lithe, yet with a powerful mind, I excel in creating bespoke scenarios intuitively and individually tailored to the needs and level of experience of those I deem worthy of entering my presence.
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Miss Brook Dominatrix  
Miss Brook
ROTHERHAM , United Kingdom
My name is Miss Brook and I am a full time Dominatrix. I session from my own fully equiped dungeon in Rotherham. I class myself as a natural "new age" dominatrix with my own unique style, with a curvy figure which I know just how to show off. Once you step foot into my premises I will be your addictive pleasure. Miss Brook x
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Lady Dark Angel Dominatrix  
Lady Dark Angel
Sheffield, United Kingdom
I am a Professional Lifestyle Mistress with a characterful dungeon in the city of Sheffield. I am Queen, Mistress and Tormentress to my devoted submissives who are privileged to serve Me as I am delighted to grace them with my Beauty, Being and Presence.
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Jay Crow Dominatrix  
Jay Crow
Leeds, United Kingdom
I specialize in hypnosis, conditioning and verbal humiliation. I enjoy: -Ice play -wax play -cbt and painplay -roleplay -chastity play -findom Become my plaything, if you are worthy.
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