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United Kingdom

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  14 East London Mistresses Listed
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Princess Almighty Dominatrix  
Princess Almighty
London, United Kingdom
Beautiful & bossy, Kawaii (Japanese for cute!) London schoolgirl : Princess Almighty lives to fuck things up. She will dominate you, destroy you and make you her personal plaything.
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Miss Kim Rub Dominatrix  
Miss Kim Rub
Hoxton London E2, United Kingdom
As a London Mistress Illustrious Domme, I have always had a passion for BDSM and fetish. With more than 28 years of experience, I have the skill and the knowledge to make for a very interesting Mistress Workshop class and private BDSM client session.
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MiSTARess Dominatrix  
London, United Kingdom
I'm a strict, smart, naturally dominant woman yet laid back and fun. Personal favourite scenes include anal play, corporal punishment, sissification and role play. Please read my website for a full list of activities.
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Miss Opium Dominatrix  
Miss Opium
London, United Kingdom
Welcome to the Opium Den Become Intoxicated by Mistress Opium Turning full grown men into pliable little puddles at my feet is one of my many talents. Nurturing matron, devious seductress and sadistic disciplinarian, are only some of the many roles I play. Rest assured that in the Opium Den, your secret is safe with me, and your submission be protected.
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Lady Sophia Black Dominatrix  
Lady Sophia Black
Walthamstow, United Kingdom
Elegant and seductive London Dominatrix, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female Dominance.
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Mistress Mara Dominatrix  
Mistress Mara
London, United Kingdom
One of America's favorite sadistic sensations returns to the U.K.
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