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Mistress Paris  
Mistress Paris
Croydon, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Paris an exceptionally experienced Mistress, with over 17 professional years working in dungeons, and offering one to one BDSM sessions which unlock your dark warped fantasies. I enjoy the old fashioned methods of CP, and over the knee spanking and being a school Mistress. The Chambers are fully equipped with all the equipment you can imagine, suspension set up, straight jackets, cages,...
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Miss Kimberley  
Miss Kimberley
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
I am a friendly, but strict Domme, working from a very discrete and exceptionally well stocked dungeon located near Milton Keynes.
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Glasgow, United Kingdom
Two of Glasgow’s premier young Mistresses have come together to create an unparalleled experience of kink, debauchery and hedonism. Perfectly complimentary, Mistress Nina is a curvaceous English rose with a façade of innocence while Mistress Kitty is a tall slender fiery red head with a wicked sense of humour. Both are in their early 20s and have already amassed several years of experience in making...
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