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Mistress Duo & Kidnap Dominatrix
Mistress Duo & Kidnap
Manchester, United Kingdom

Top Rated Mistress Elliana & World Renowned Mistress Bryce Jones offering Duo Sessions & Manchester ROLE-PLAY Kidnap sessions an expert in realistic consensual ROLE-PLAY kidnap sessions. Duo Sessions - Are you ready to have 2 of the best UK professional mistresses available. The Double Domme Duo are based in Manchester. 2 Stunning Mistresses including Mistress Elliana (Youngest Pro Dom & Most Searched Mistress on the Internet!) & Mistress Bryce Jones (World Renowned Mistress with Years of Experience). Get ready to be under our full control, right where you dream to be. ROLE-PLAY...

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Mistress Fae Dominatrix
Mistress Fae
Manchester , United Kingdom

I'm Mistress Fae - Manchester Dominatrix. An alternative queer life style kinkster and fetishist who loves exploring BDSM with others, helping bring your kinkiest fantasies to life. A natural sadist and caregiver, that will help you let go as you experience the perfect mixture of pain, pleasure, fear and safety. Im available for sessions in Manchester 11am-10pm. To book in contact 07508257428 (text only) or

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