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  51 North West Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Courtney Dominatrix  
Mistress Courtney
Stockport, United Kingdom
Professional, high class, sensual Dominatrix - You may call Me Mistress Courtney - Come and see the Femme Fatale of the North West today! Keep an eye out for my London Tours!
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Mistress Lola Dominatrix  
Mistress Lola
Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Professional Dominatrix Mistress Lola, the Bitch in your worst nightmares and the Woman you have always dreamed of; sensual, sadistic and utterly addictive! Session with Me, and prepare to have your fantasies fulfilled and expectations exceeded...
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Mistress Millicent Dominatrix  
Mistress Millicent
Whitefield, Manchester, United Kingdom
I am a Manchester based Mistress who loves to dominate my slaves into complete submission, dress and instruct my sissy bitches and tease all my sluts until they are begging for mercy. You will be grateful to serve me and I will enjoy every minute.
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Mistress Empathy Dominatrix  
Mistress Empathy
Liverpool, United Kingdom
I'm Mistress Empathy, medical Mistress and fetish therapist. Experience Empathy Clinic's antique dentist chair with overhead lighting and BOC machine. I understand your darkest needs and fetish desires - from anaesthesia role play and breath control to scalpel and needle play. In the clinic, no one can hear you scream.
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Manchester Medical Fetish Dominatrix  
Manchester Medical Fetish
Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester Medical clinic is a fully equipped and functional medical facillity , which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practictioners . Whether or not you are an expert medical fetishist or a novice ,all our Manchester Medical Practioners have something to offer the dicerning medical enthusiast.
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Mistress Lavinia Black Dominatrix  
Mistress Lavinia Black
Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Lavinia a savage yet sensual dominatrix. I am the ultimate goddess that will take you to the darkest depths of your impotent fantasies, in a state of mercy and complete submission you shall be on your knees under my reign of control. 07738 248559 - Consultations and Session Bookings
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Mistress Selene Dominatrix  
Mistress Selene
Manchester, United Kingdom
Goddess Selene is beautiful. My body is fit, agile, athletic and strong. Being fit and healthy is a necessity and discipline to me, one I thrives on. How can a mistress be capable of controlling and disciplining her subs and slaves without the strength and capabilities? My strength of mind and body gives me the power to understand and handle slaves in the way they deserve.
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Eris Martinet Dominatrix  
Eris Martinet
London & Manchester, United Kingdom
Be ravaged | From head to scrumptious toe, a scintillating dominant. A goddess that commands blissful submission | Join the cult of Eris. Find your call in service and obeisance.
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