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Mistress Carly
London & Kent,
United Kingdom

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  48 North West Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Eclipse Dominatrix  
Mistress Eclipse
Eccles, Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Manchester Mistress Eclipse. Sexy and Dominant in every way. I want you to kneel and beg for My attention! I will be in Newcastle on the 30th November & 1st December. Limited slots available
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Mistress bryce-jones Dominatrix  
Mistress bryce-jones
Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchesters leading international Mistress, 2 dungeons for you to choose from,, all fetish/bdsm are no problem, not a one trick pony mistress, If you want the ultimate book now. I am a proffesional Mistress,I have travelled the world doing and learning all fetish, also front cover fetish model.
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Cruel Mistress D Dominatrix  
Cruel Mistress D
Stockport/Manchester, United Kingdom
I am the superior Cheshire MISTRESS D. Commonly known as CMD or just as Cruel Mistress D. I'm A Twisted Mistress, A sadist, I do not just stop at spanking, whipping or slapping. I need to destroy you, to use and abuse you, to push you, to your outer limits, I love nothing more than to use all my tools of the trade. But I Love nothing better than getting My Heels Into all of My Slave's Skin's
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Mistress Courtney Dominatrix  
Mistress Courtney
Stockport, United Kingdom
Professional, high class, sensual Dominatrix - You may call Me Mistress Courtney - Come and see the Femme Fatale of the North West today! Keep an eye out for my London Tours!
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Mistress Lola Dominatrix  
Mistress Lola
Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Professional Dominatrix Mistress Lola, the Bitch in your worst nightmares and the Woman you have always dreamed of; sensual, sadistic and utterly addictive! Session with Me, and prepare to have your fantasies fulfilled and expectations exceeded...
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Mistress Delilah Dominatrix  
Mistress Delilah
Manchester, United Kingdom
Delilah was the ultimate Biblical temptress. Fast forward to the 21st Century where Delilah is still luring hopeless men into her clutches, using their weaknesses against them for her own advantage. Meet Mistress Delilah the modern day femme fatale.
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Headmistress Cranfield Dominatrix  
Headmistress Cranfield
Manchester, United Kingdom
Im 5 8 tall and a mature corporal punishment and OTK (over the knee) Headmistress. Im a headmistress who ruled with an uncompromising hand. Im sometimes snooty with a scary demeanor. However, the rules are clear and so are the consequences for all you naughty little school boys and of course all your naughty little classroom antics, which need punishing.
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Ms Buffy Brown Dominatrix  
Ms Buffy Brown
Manchester, United Kingdom
As a professional Manchester based Mistress it is my preference to build you up rather than tear you down ..I mean what use is a broken slave to me?
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