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Sakura Strike
Brixton, London,
United Kingdom

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  52 North West Mistresses Listed
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Lana Fatale Dominatrix  
Lana Fatale
Liverpool, United Kingdom
French / British Mistress with experience and bags of sex-appeal. Many BDSM and Fetish activities entertained. Meeting with brave and respectful sissies, subs and slaves in central Liverpool (private apartment with SM toys).
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Mistress Sarah Jessica Dominatrix  
Mistress Sarah Jessica
Manchester, United Kingdom
Exclusive, strict and sensual High class Mistress Sarah Jessica. She is also known across the UK and internationally for her style, personality and her approach to BDSM. Whether you are a nervous beginner desperate to worship at the feet of a true Goddess for the first time, or an experienced submissive looking to experience something out of the ordinary I will take you on a journey of submission, humiliation, degradation and sadism, exploring and testing your limits always completely within...
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Madame Margi
Preston, United Kingdom
I am the true Dominatrix of the North West. I have a passion for leather and high heels.You'll find me strict sadistic and seriously sincere. Your pain is my pleasure.
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Mistress Karina
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Become part of Mistress Karina’s Kingdom: I am a young, elegant and cruel Mistress from Liverpool. Although I may look like the woman of your dreams, in reality I am the twisted bitch from your nightmares. I am a natural sensual sadist and I love few things more than to see the fear in a slaves eyes as he watches Me nervously, wondering how exactly he will be tortured at My hands. You will be instantly shown your place, made to understand that you are beneath Me and I am here to be worshipped;...
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