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Miss Myers
United Kingdom

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  53 North West Mistresses Listed
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Porcelain Beauty Dominatrix  
Porcelain Beauty
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Full Time Professional Dominatrix, Humiliatrix & Sadistic Disciplinarian With 9 Years Experience - My Own Private Dungeon - I Know Exactly How To Fuck Your Mind & Control Your Cock.
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Cruel Mistress D Dominatrix  
Cruel Mistress D
Stockport/Manchester, United Kingdom
I am the superior Cheshire MISTRESS D. Commonly known as CMD or just as Cruel Mistress D. I'm A Twisted Mistress, A sadist, I do not just stop at spanking, whipping or slapping. I need to destroy you, to use and abuse you, to push you, to your outer limits, I love nothing more than to use all my tools of the trade. But I Love nothing better than getting My Heels Into all of My Slave's Skin's
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Lady Pandora Dominatrix  
Lady Pandora
Lancashire/Merseyside, United Kingdom
I am a professional Disciplinarian with over 30 years experience. I offer traditional English-style punishments and cane to Judicial levels. Genuine CP for serious people. I cater for those who require real CP in an environment where the mindsets are clear - you are bending over and I am administering! Spacious, purpose-built premises catering for all scenarios, as well as more implements than you can handle.
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Madame Margi
Preston, United Kingdom
I am the true Dominatrix of the North West. I have a passion for leather and high heels.You'll find me strict sadistic and seriously sincere. Your pain is my pleasure.
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Mistress Karina
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Become part of Mistress Karina’s Kingdom: I am a young, elegant and cruel Mistress from Liverpool. Although I may look like the woman of your dreams, in reality I am the twisted bitch from your nightmares. I am a natural sensual sadist and I love few things more than to see the fear in a slaves eyes as he watches Me nervously, wondering how exactly he will be tortured at My hands. You will be instantly shown your place, made to understand that you are beneath Me and I am here to be worshipped;...
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