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Goddess Cleo
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  40 South East Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Taylor Dominatrix  
Mistress Taylor
Kent, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Hardcore sadist specialising in long-term imprisonment, interrogation, torture and medieval restraints. Organising a masochist's dream - a Boot Camp at the Chalet of Pain, Germany on 7-11 September 2017.
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Sabrinas slaves Dominatrix  
Sabrinas slaves
Sussex & London, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
Sabrina is a stunning English private educated dominatrix who loves to tease and dominate submissive men
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Mistress Daria Dominatrix  
Mistress Daria
Kent, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress
I am a Professional Domantrix Mistress who with lots of passion and understanding uses her dominance during commercial sessions. I play not only with experienced SM-ers, but also with those who are new on this path. Those take I gladly by the hand and lead them in this fascinating world.Do you always dream of serving a real sadistic SM mistress? Come to me and your dreams will go through black dreams..
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Miss H. Dominatrix  
Miss H.
Brighton, United Kingdom
I am Miss H, a young dominant woman with a twisted sense of humour. I enjoy treating my submissives as playthings to amuse myself with by using any means necessary. Although I do have my own kinks and fetishes, I often describe myself as a control freak and as such my interests circulate around gaining and exercising that control in a variety of creative ways. I am drawn to whatever gives me the most power over you and I will find this out quickly.
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Mistress Mephisto Dominatrix  
Mistress Mephisto
Surrey, United Kingdom
If you are looking for intense, scary, edgy, BDSM play with a well-educated, well-dressed mature Dominant woman, then you're in the right place. I am currently holding a limited number of sessions across southern UK, for subs and slaves. My wealth of 10 years of personal and professional kinky experience, enable me to make the time you spend in my presence the most amazing few hours.
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Miss Tiara Orchid Dominatrix  
Miss Tiara Orchid
Brighton, United Kingdom
Fierce Mediterranean Alpha Goddess. ​Allurigly raw ProDomme, irrepressible Kinkstress, intrepid Amazon with the look of a retro Diva. Young, beautiful, brutal. ​
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Mistress Ruby01 Dominatrix  
Mistress Ruby01
Wokingham and Newbury, United Kingdom
Do you like Anal, being forced to be my Sissy Maid, Spit roasting or simply the need to be my pet? Email me!
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Mistress Jasmine Trix Dominatrix  
Mistress Jasmine Trix
London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, United Kingdom
A petite, busty, brunette who loves nothing more than using subs for her pleasure.. Her style of domination is a mix of sensual, wicked and playful. She is a fun, powerful, dominant Woman with an extremely seductive nature that can make any man submit.
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