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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  24 South West Mistresses Listed
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Lady Vendetta Dominatrix  
Lady Vendetta
Bristol, United Kingdom
I am a tall, dark-haired, and pale skinned gothic goddess who loves to be served and worshipped. I value all my little subs and slaves especially when I have them at my mercy. I love to get deep into your kinks and use them to entrap you in pain and pleasure so much so that you won’t be able to resist sinking deeper under my control.
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Princess Ivy Dominatrix  
Princess Ivy
Bristol, United Kingdom
I am a Princess in every sense, I enjoy slaves and subs which will love doing my bidding and being my plaything. My specialties are humiliation, bondage and sadism. I love seeing men and women squirm with pain and pleasure by my hand.
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Red Queen Mistress Dominatrix  
Red Queen Mistress
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Red Queen Mistress, I will rule your slave world! Do as I say NOT as I do and feel the wrath of my whip against your skin!
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Mistress Juliette Dominatrix  
Mistress Juliette
Bristol , United Kingdom
Do you crave a strong woman who has everything you need to feel controlled and dominated in body and mind; someone who inspires you to relinquish and surrender your own will and authority? You have found me.
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Mistress Meena Dominatrix  
Mistress Meena
Bristol, United Kingdom
I am Mistress Meena, size 10, 5ft 8in tall and beautiful to behold. I am waiting for submissive men and women who wish to join me in my wonderful dungeon for a journey into the exciting and tantalizing world of female domination. I am both sensual and sadistic. Your PAIN is My PLEASURE. I will tease you and torment you. I will demand your obedience and discipline you. I will cherish you as My most valued possession and indulge My every whim on you. I will take you to a place...
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Domina Araneae Dominatrix  
Domina Araneae
Farnham, London and Woking, United Kingdom
I am a professional lifestyle English Domina who requires complete obedience. Softly, posh spoken, I will captivate your every sense, exposing you in your every fetish, kink and desire. You must give yourself to me, and I will ensure you receive a service like no other. I will keep you coming back for more, for the experience you will never forget, and never want to.
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Mistress Cindy Dominatrix  
Mistress Cindy
Bristol, United Kingdom
Naturally dominant, strict and demanding yet sexy and flirtatious and real tease, displaying striking confidence together with vast experience and knowledge, all this giving her a very deep understanding of all aspects of domination and submission.
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Mistress Zanna
Bristol / Southwest, United Kingdom
Professional UK Mistress. Highly educated, tall and imaginative Mistress. Book your due punishment for a session of sensual and excruciating corporal torture. Call or Email me for sessions: 07599 545068
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