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Madam Esmeralda
London, United Kingdom

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  29 West Midlands Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Courtney Dominatrix
Mistress Courtney
North Hereford, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

Professional, high class, sensual Dominatrix - You may call Me Mistress Courtney - Private dungeons in London Knightsbridge and Hereford

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Mistress Lagertha Dominatrix
Mistress Lagertha
Walsall, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

I am THE Mistress Lagertha Queen of Evil, a tall naturally curvy confident Dominatrix. BDSM is my 24/7 lifestyle as well as my job, I have a fully femdom home complete with a fully furnished dungeon space and fetish equipment. Pain can be mental just as much as physical, whatever your fetishes you can be sure my approach will be tailored to you. I really do enjoy getting into your heads and becoming the conductor of your thoughts, I love to laugh at your predicaments and misfortunes. Based in the central West Midlands, touring the whole UK and Europe Ö soon America. Or you can FMTY

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Miss Anna Elite Dominatrix
Miss Anna Elite
Telford, West Midlands , United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

Nothing makes my pulse race quite like having a submissive at my feet; willing to endure whatever I have in store for them for my enjoyment, for my pleasure.

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Fucking Original Dominatrix
Fucking Original
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

Passionate Domina and Lover of Fetish who specialises in creating safe and satisfying experiences for submissives of any gender. I believe that fetishism has an innate beauty that should be celebrated. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced enthusiast, I'm here to guide you through the world of kink.

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Lady Sara Borgia Dominatrix
Lady Sara Borgia
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Premium Listing Mistress

I am the ultimate Lady, sharp, but sweet, severe yet sensual. Seductively persuasive no man can resist my allure. Each move I make is calculated with absolute rapture and decadence. There is no need for me to shout and scream my orders as for most of you a flash of my piercing stare and short commands will be enough to bring you to heal. Diligently intuitive I will know which road to take with you, weather its a firm, but gentle hand needed or the most severe weapon I own.

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Miss Kaitlyn Dominatrix
Miss Kaitlyn
Birmingham, United Kingdom

My name Miss Kaitlyn, I consider myself well educated, sophisticated, intelligent, very friendly, funny and easy going.Tall brunette with curves and toned body!🖤 I am a Mistress and I'm here to ensure all your wildest dreams and fantasies come true. I am well mannered, classy, the loving attentive girl next door or the bossy demanding ; a person who excels in pleasure. I will give you an exclusive and totally unforgettable experience you have ever dreamed All my photos a recent and I look exactly the same in person when you come to see me. I GUARANTEE my image to be as accurate...

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Ronelle Chambers Dominatrix
Ronelle Chambers
Walsall, United Kingdom

Iím A West Midlands Dominatrix fully Equipped professional chambers . I session from my own private Dungeon. I have 4 Rooms to session from. The only real time Breath play Specialist in the Midlands and my experience in Bdsm out ways most.

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Madame Rubber Dominatrix
Madame Rubber
Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am a mature and highly experienced dominatrix who also gets delight in dressing for pleasure i specialize in rubber fetish -leather- seamed nylons- lingerie-etc. So Let me take you in hand and lead you on your journey in to fetishism and submission. I can promise you an experience that no mere girl could ever deliver. With my skills honed on many submissive delights. With my confident possession of YOU .Let my sexual allure indulge the senses rest assure you are on a of a roller coaster thrill ride. call me or email now for your intimate details . Let me explore your fetish, and delve...

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Mistress Beth Bedlam Dominatrix
Mistress Beth Bedlam
West Midlands, United Kingdom

Experienced tattooed and pierced Mistress, natural dominant personality. I love latex, medfet, strapon, bondage, asylum play, roleplay, CBT, electrics...& more!

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Mistress Pantera Dominatrix
Mistress Pantera
Walsall, United Kingdom

Put your trust, your submission and your loyalty, completely into my knowledgeable hands and give yourself to me. I am naturally dominantand gets kicks out of taking your money and abusing you. Your request shall be my pleasure. Donít back track like the little bitch that you are. I can have a tender side to myself. You can have a safe word that you may call out when you cannot handle what it is that you requested. I will be your breathtaking and beautiful voluptuous ebony Mistress, in whose erotic presence, you will lose yourself completely. Mistress Pantera.

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