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Princess Jessika
Central London,
United Kingdom

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  15 East Midlands Mistresses Listed
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Domina Liza Dominatrix  
Domina Liza
Derby, United Kingdom
Experienced dominatrix and disciplinarian in the Derby area, with privately owned and bespoke chambers. Welcomes the novice through to the extreme.
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Mistress Miiska Dominatrix  
Mistress Miiska
Lincoln, United Kingdom
Mistress Miiska; Siren Goddess of dark waters. Specializes in CP, Humiliation, Sissification & Transformation.
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BitchFromMars Dominatrix  
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Experienced and dedicated dominatrix with a dark and infinite imagination who loves to be worshiped. Well versed in the art of sadistic therapy. I work from private chambers in Birmingham. I specialize in CBT, CP, Foot worship, Medical play, Pet play.
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Mistress Vixen Dominatrix  
Mistress Vixen
Derby, United Kingdom
An established professional Dominatrix, Iíve featured in videos on my clip store, and for Cruella, The English Mansion, Femme Fatale Films, Woman Worship and many others. I have a reputation for being beautiful whilst still approachable, harsh and challenging, though still humorous and caring. I am happy to push experienced subs hard, making they experience the extreme pain and humiliation they so desperately crave and deserve. However, I am hugely experienced at nudging new comers through their...
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Lady Dark Angel Dominatrix  
Lady Dark Angel
Derby, United Kingdom
Lady Dark Angel is refined, slim and elegant, and enjoys the finer things in life. She is perfectly groomed and dressed at all times, and is without exception always immaculately presented and beautifully clean. She has a wide range of attire, and can dress for any occasion. She can be your latex Dark Angel, your Leather or PVC temptress or your Lingerie Goddess.
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Mistress Tess Dominatrix  
Mistress Tess
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Young, beautiful, very intelligent, playful, Mistress with ability to control and dominate with a simple look and stare. Sweet but sadistic with a firm and cruel hand when required. I will mentally dominant you with ease. Weak, helpless and submitting to my every desire. Pushing you into deep subspace, never underestimate my ability to punish, once I have destroyed you mentally, I will start on you physically with a particular enjoyment of whipping, ballbusting, CBT and bondage to name but a few...
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Bibi Mocha Dominatrix  
Bibi Mocha
Nottingham, United Kingdom
An experienced petite black mistress with an engaging personality seeking submissive gentlemen with whom we can explore fantasies and fetishes. I desire intellectual stimulation as well as the physical pleasure of exercising my craft
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