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  23 West Midlands Mistresses Listed
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Mistress Sarah Jessica Dominatrix  
Mistress Sarah Jessica
Manchester, United Kingdom
Exclusive, strict and sensual High class Mistress Sarah Jessica. She is also known across the UK and internationally for her style, personality and her approach to BDSM. Whether you are a nervous beginner desperate to worship at the feet of a true Goddess for the first time, or an experienced submissive looking to experience something out of the ordinary I will take you on a journey of submission, humiliation, degradation and sadism, exploring and testing your limits always completely within...
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Mistress Alexa Dominatrix  
Mistress Alexa
Dudley, United Kingdom
If you want to experience real domination by a truly dominant West Midlands mistress, there is no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa. Tel: 07713 355 361.
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MadamWhiteWolf the Queen of Tease. Dominatrix  
MadamWhiteWolf the Queen of Tease.
Dudley, DY1, United Kingdom
2 slaves required 1 male & 1 female. Prefer local to the West Midlands but such is not set in stone, MUST be willing to meet for friday evening events, All events held at Valhalla a dedicated alternative lifestyles club in Dudley. MUST have a high pain threshold. female slave to be trained as My personal sex-slave ages considered for such are 25-40. male to be trained in sexual service so would prefer a bi boy who is eager to please both men or women. (I want PAIN-pigs who will...
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Nanny Amy Dominatrix  
Nanny Amy
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Nanny Amy runs AB Dreams. She is the kindest and most experienced AB Nanny you will ever come across, she has been caring for little boys and girls with over 10 years experience at her nursery and another 10 years as a REAL Nanny to families even BEFORE that You are in very, very safe and understanding hands. Nanny is a modern day Mary Poppins
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Lady Lucea Dominatrix  
Lady Lucea
Birmingham, United Kingdom
A uniquely attractive, sophisticated, and elegant Black Mistress... submit to me... I enjoy what I do and this reflects in the session view my testimonials on my website. Lady Lucea ensures that that you will be thrilled that you arranged the session. what are you waiting for kneel at my feet I am the goddess you dreamed about. see what I am about on the English Mansion
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Mistress Elixia Dominatrix  
Mistress Elixia
birmingham, United Kingdom
Strict Birmingham Mistress 077 6150 6569
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Queen Gia Dominatrix  
Queen Gia
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Professional dominatrix available at your home, hotel or dungeon. Do NOT call me "Mistress", I am your QUEEN! See my website for more information and bookings.
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