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  20 Yorkshire Mistresses Listed
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Miss Christina Rose Dominatrix  
Miss Christina Rose
Leeds, United Kingdom
Miss Rose is a tall, slim, naturally beautiful and Dominant young Woman with a burning desire for kink and control.  Mistress has a wealth of life experience and a deep understanding of how your body and your mind work.  Her fun but firm style along with Her love of perversion and humiliation make it futile trying to resist this Goddess.
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Mistress Firefly Dominatrix  
Mistress Firefly
Leeds, United Kingdom
Stunning, powerful and delightfully sadistic Mistress Firefly has a wild imagination, a firm hand and a strict manner.
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Miss Britney Badd
Manchester, United Kingdom
Miss Britney Badd Stunning European Trans Domina and fetish specialist. With well over a decade of experience in delivering excellence in fetish and bdsm fantasies and scenarios. I have the mind and the means to take you to the places in your mind you have craved all your life. Wether you are a seasoned player seeking the extreme. Or a curious beginner on the journey of this realm. I excel in delivering the exact tailored experience the submissive so desperately needs. I am now pleased to...
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Mistress laura coats
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am a very Addictive, firm and beautiful controlling 26 year old Dominatrix from Newcastle upon Tyne. I have recently moved to South Yorksire however travel to and from Newcastle and do sessions in both locations.
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