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  32 Scottish Mistresses Listed
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Dom Lady Mystique Dominatrix  
Dom Lady Mystique
Glasgow City Centre, United Kingdom
I am Mystique - The golden haired, charismatic, glamorous and mysterious Mistress you are looking for! My name describes me perfectly - I can adapt to different situations quickly, what makes me able to be well prepared for every kind of session.
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Mistress Inka Dominatrix  
Mistress Inka
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Experienced in CP, Medical, sissy boy, humiliation and breath play. Resident and co-owner at the Maison de Debauch dungeon, Edinburgh
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Miss Sugar Cougar Dominatrix  
Miss Sugar Cougar
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Mature, intelligent and sadistic Mistress working from an excellently equipped dungeon in the city centre. Also available for outcalls
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Goddess Athena Dominatrix  
Goddess Athena
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am a sophisticated lady in her early 30's, privately educated and well spoken. I cut a tall and imposing figure, standing at well over 6" in my heels. You will have no choice but to submit to me in my beautiful chambers which are based in the city centre of Glasgow.
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Mistress Affinity  Dominatrix  
Mistress Affinity
Glasgow, Scotland , United Kingdom
Glasgow, Scotland based Dominatrix and Fetish enthusiast passionate about all things Dark. I stand tall and Dominant at 6ft 5 with heels that shall be worshipped and obedience taught. Alternative, long waist length flaming red hair and pale, I can make your Dark Fantasies come out to play. Specializing in BDSM, Humiliation, Obedience Training, Financial Domme and Military.
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Miss Kitty Kane Dominatrix  
Miss Kitty Kane
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Young but experienced Mistress working in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Slim and seductive with fiery hair to match her personality Likes include spanking, CP, CBT, humiliation, role play, anal play, sissification, foot and leg worship...the list could go on.
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Baroness von Stein Dominatrix  
Baroness von Stein
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Glasgow 07745 989 884 I am a strict German Mistress, sophisticated, intelligent and with a deep understanding of the psychology and nature of BDSM. I welcome submissives with whom I can build a connection that is characterised by mutual respect. Long term arrangements are welcome, ownership is possible.
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Mistress Chamoix
Scotland Central Belt, United Kingdom
A dominatrix who is interested in ensuring you have fun and your fantasy is fulfilled, be it ranging from electrics, foot fetish, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, flogging to humiliation. My touch will go from the sensual to the sadistic but you will always remember me.
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