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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - My New Gynae Couch
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with the latest news from my Chambers.

I now have a superb, multi-positional, electric gynae couch that creates a bright and modern centrepiece to my medical set-up in Preston. It’s been fun getting to grips with the remote control functions, my fetish guinea pig patients have been taking some pretty unexpected pleasure trips on it, whilst others have simply enjoyed being one of the first to try out its many features;

- Remote controlled height, tilt, and fold
- Drop down arm supports
- Adjustable leg stirrups
- Cut-away seat section for better access during anal play
- Upholstered in smooth antibacterial vinyl
- Removable pulley frame for CBT and stretching procedures (not pictured).

All my White Room procedures remain the same, it’s only the couch that has changed, although my new model boasts integral PVC straps that will keep you tightly buckled down while I get on with the necessary treatments I have prepared for you.

The new gynae couch also doubles as a full length massage table, a feature which adds an extra dimension to my White Room sessions, as I am now able to lie you down comfortably in my medical setting, encased in your bodybags and other immobilising wrappings, giving me full control of both your movement and functioning.

To compliment your medical session I have a nice range of rubber suits, body bags, rebreathe hoods and masks available for you, and medical uniforms and rubber wear for myself, making your bondage and hot rubber fantasies more special in my company.

I am excited about the future opportunities the couch will bring for myself and my medical slaves and I look forward to taking your chosen medical treatments to new heights.

For a full guide to my medical procedures, please visit my White Room pages -

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Miss Fitzgerald  
New review/testimonial of a FLR immersion weekend.
Posted by Miss Fitzgerald of London & Oxford, United Kingdom
This is an edited version of an email I received from a gent after a weekend together, partly in order to help him process his own thoughts and the sub drop he experienced after his flight home, allowing us to talk it through via email and a little aftercare from hundreds of miles away.

Miss Fitzgerald’s aka Editor’s notes are in brackets. I have tried to retain as much of the original email whilst cutting out some parts in order to protect privacy. All edits and the posting of the email have been done so with L’s consent.

Good Evening Miss Fitzgerald,

Find something comfortable on which to sit. The oft-threatened long missive is here.
Either way, I hope it's an enjoyable/interesting read.
You are, of course, the only person I can empty my head at, for better or worse!

- DIP -

I'm having a dip.
I haven't looked it up on the internet, because I wanted to examine it myself without adopting any explanations from elsewhere and coming to the wrong conclusions. I experienced this (very) briefly on Monday, but now I'm wallowing a bit. I wouldn't go so far as to call it despair, but it's a definite feeling of emptiness. My theory for this is; if you spend a prolonged spell in an intimate situation with somebody else, and you perceive an emotional connection with that person (to be clear - not Stockholm Syndrome!), then for that to be curtailed abruptly will result in a psychological dip once the brain stops buzzing with happy chemicals.
If you throw into the mix the unique physical/mental/emotional explorations that you have shared, well... that's just asking for trouble!
I suppose it goes a little something like this : Something is missing - There's nobody here that understands me - I am alone/lonely.

- ME ME ME -

(Editor’s note: section deleted)


Here's a section dedicated to random thoughts that have bubbled up in the past few days.
I'm sure I remember saying at one point (and probably thinking it at several) "Even I can't make myself feel like that", or similar. Ok, it's true that the involvement of other people is always/usually going to be better than solo-play.
I hope I've written all that down so it can be read as intended. I shall have to give it a few read-throughs myself.

Following on from this, I'd just like to say that, you are now the Gold Standard against which all my future intimate relationships shall be measured. I have never.. ever.. been made to feel that way by anybody.


Hopping back in time to last Friday. What a weekend. It feels like we packed a lot in. Pun almost intended. ;)
I really enjoyed our social time together - I think we had some good conversations, and a giggle here or there. In a different context, that would have still made for a fun weekend. Good food too!

And so, onto the things that separated this weekend from other weekends. A catalogue of Firsts for me!

It was very easy for me to fall into the groove of taking orders. I don't think any of your demands were too taxing or embarrassing, and I'm glad to have a little direction, and someone else to consider above myself.
I wasn't as self-conscious as I thought I would be, and I found that in itself a little unnerving. Actually, a first-pass edited remark coming in here - I didn't feel self-conscious because you didn't *make* me feel self-conscious. It's not like you were staring at parts I'd normally be hiding behind a book, towel, guitar, other prop. ..and now I've just remembered the story about the nudists. :)

My memory is already a little hazy, so allow me to strike while the iron is still lukewarm.
There was a foot massage, bathing.
You taught me how to deal with pain during nipple torture (extraordinarily, this made my nipples pert-ish for the whole weekend!).
I'm genuinely surprised by the things I remember and the things that I do not. There was fancy binding of the ankles, and you were concerned about my shoulders being ok. :)
Oh, and biting nipples, more pain, and other stimulation which left me in a "buzzing" state.

Oh, and there was the chastity device. An uncompromising contraption. Very uncomfortable to put on (and embarrassing also), a constant element of discomfort when worn, and ultimately, it just gave up and fell off. I did wonder what it would be like to get aroused in something like that - very uncomfortable, I imagine. That never happened, however, and either way, I'm glad it wasn't the one with teeth that you described! The weekend may have ended very early indeed!

The main dish of the day for Saturday was some rear end play. I know that I said that I was not averse to the idea, but nothing could have prepared me for what followed in the next few(?) hours (I completely lost track of time).
Some light stimulation with lube, then one finger, two fingers, and then a dildo, I think. Quite an extraordinary feeling.. the touch.. the friction.. the movement. It's not directly pleasurable, as such - not like direct contact with the penis, and I'm still undecided about the role of a prostate in all this.
There was then some intricate, and very attractive, binding of the legs, sashes around the wrist, and also a blindfold. I almost wish you had taken pictures.
And then the strap-on. Which was frightening. Because, as you know, I've never had anything anywhere near as large down there. And it was completely out of my control, which, let's be honest, was a fantastic thing. I never thought it was going to go in. An incredible sensation, which again wasn't directly pleasurable per se, but the combination of the reaction of the nerve endings down there (who knew there were so many?!) and additional stimulation of my other bits made the party. But it's the mental element that completes the picture. Also, when you moved to lie on top of me, thrusting between my bound legs, and panting - it may sound crazy, but it was one of the most sensual experiences I have ever been involved in. A complete lack of control on my part, the most intimate personal invasion, and being used for somebody else's pleasure. What's not to like?
Also, you had freed my hands, and I could feel the sweat, slick on your back. An added bonus - it was a real turn-on. Amazing.
Then you flipped me over and took me from behind. Quite roughly. It wasn't a comfortable experience, and your cock was ramming against my cervix (calling that out here and now as a joke, in case there was any doubt - I've heard some clever people say some very ignorant things, so I wanted to put any doubt to rest!), but again, it certainly wasn't not enjoyable. You cranked it up another notch when you leaned over me, pressed yourself against me, and pulled yourself into me with each thrust.
When that was over, I did fear that you had ruined me anatomically, but I should never have doubted you. :)

Something else that was brand new to me was breath play (I think that's what the kids call it these days) - that was a really weird sensation. I had never even considered that as a "thing", and to be completely honest, the mere idea scared the proverbial out of me. However, by the time that happened, I already trusted you completely, so it wasn't a big issue. You did have your hand around my throat a couple of times, and I thought you were going to choke me, but you didn't. I wonder if you considered it, but had second thoughts on the grounds of my inexperience. But you did the breath and nose thing. It was really interesting, but I wasn't anywhere near my limits with that. Just for future reference. :)

So, the remote control butt plug! That was fun, despite the technical issues! Again, the sensation was weird, but not stimulating, as such. Embarrassing, I think, more than anything else - I could hear the thing a mile off. But it was HUGE. I never thought it would go in, and it was *painful* going in, but again, you've proved that you know me better than I know myself. There was also an element of panic, because it always felt like it was going to fall out. Which along with the possibilities that that might entail, put me in an eternal state of panic! Of course, it was so big, it would never fall out, but I couldn't feel myself down there, and had no idea what was happening apart from the vibrations.

After the never-ending breakfast, there was a lot of last minute play. Cutting things very close to the wire, which made me nervous, which I guess was actually a positive thing.
There was a lot of teasing, and yes, after a full weekend of teasing without any resolution, I was so on the edge, it wasn't true.
Here's a thing - you threw something into the mix around this time which I would never have considered seriously, ever. Even if it was performed by an award-winning actor. You used "dirty talk". Something which I've never considered as anything but laughable, clichéd, or just plain silly. Because it is, right? It couldn't be anything else. But... you did it, and you did it right. Perfect timing. Perfect delivery. Nailed it. The way you were going, you could have made me come with your words alone. Granted, I was well on the way to becoming a gibbering idiot, but still, you are desperately in need of a Oscar. Stroke of genius (another pun!).

Only a few items on the list remaining, and I have to know - was the coin toss a setup? Because thinking back on it, the original 50/50 chance seems a bit too generous. I do wonder how that possibility would have played out. It's a very fair offer. An offer which regretfully I lost.
And because of that, and also because of a miscalculation on my part, that's how we ended up in the bathroom. Knowing what I know now, would I have made the same choice? (Editor’s note: choice is reference to post-orgasm torture) I think it's a case of people, in general, mis-remembering moments of pain and extreme discomfort. Much like some women giving birth, swearing "never again", and yet they go on to have 17 more children. Trauma can never be recalled in its entirety.
On Sunday, I would have said "never again", now I'm not so sure. But who can make a logical decision in that kind of situation anyway? You did make it a little on the challenging side!
Rest assured that, from what I can still recall, it was possibly the most unpleasant experience I have ever endured. A bit like having your teeth drilled. Again, a first. You actually *almost* made me cry (how would you react if I had actually cried?). I can't remember what it was you were saying during the process, but again, it was on point. I also got the impression you *really* enjoyed it, and I think that was the first time I'd really seen that side of you. But give me credit too - I stayed and took it. ;)

So, let's talk the other stuff. :)
I've never had anybody pee on me before, and it sort of started to happen without me being conscious of what was happening. I've never even seen a woman pee before, so it was a landmark moment for me! (and believe it or not, that's a life goal that goes way.. way back. Deeply rooted in childhood. I don't know why.) It might seen odd, but I didn't really want to look, because it seemed rude or impolite. I'm wondering if it would have been different if I hadn't yet come? Perhaps.
Then you pushed my (not soft, but not really hard) limits. My inner Niles rebelled. The idea of having to go on a plane covered in cum and pee, triggered me. Having said that - I'm wondering if I could have been pushed (strictly for your amusement, obviously!). I know I said "No", or "I can't", about 20 times, but would I have buckled at 30? You are very persuasive after all, and I'd acquiesced to everything else thus far. Open question for reflection - I don't know the answer.

Then, and kudos to you for this, a stroke of genius (I actually think you might be one of the cleverest people I know, and you know how I hate giving compliments) - you allowed me to take a shower (at a time of your choosing), but only using water. Now, I have absolutely no idea of absorption rates of various substances in relation to skin, so this was just enough to concern me, but not enough for me to reject the idea out of hand. I even remember some pee splashing on my face. ;)
Of course, despite your warnings that you would be watching, I did take the opportunity to scratch the smallest amount of shower gel from the top of the bottle and use that, even though it was a measly, insignificant amount, and would not have had any effect. However, I also found myself sniffing my body parts on the plane - I'm sure that will amuse you!


A few final thoughts before I wind up this epic e-mail. I had a fantastic time with you. I found you to be an engaging companion, quick-witted, creative, and knowledgeable. Professional interests aside, somebody I would be proud to count as a friend. Of course, you don't need any validation from me. I'm just trying to express, in my own ham-fisted manner, that I think you're awesome.

Professionally, I am astounded that you know me better than I know myself. How on earth can you know the exact point at which to stop me from going over the edge? Not only that, how soon after letting go, to apply a particular kind of touch to maintain that state? It's damn near supernatural.

Everything you planned for the weekend was completely on point. Boxes all ticked, a completely unforgettable experience which I will treasure for the rest of my life! But hopefully not a final chapter.
Could I have been pushed further? Perhaps. But who could have known?
I'm a noob, I gave you no hard or soft limits (I didn't know them). You performed admirably with the small amount of information available.

I hope I haven't offended you by anything I've said - it certainly wasn't the intent. It has been very much a Stream of Consciousness e-mail, and to be honest, it's really been helping with my "dip" to get this all written down on screen.

I hope you've managed to find a comfortable few moments to digest this mail.
Here I am feeling nervous again before I hit "Send"!

Wishing you a well-deserved, fantastic week! :)
And once again, seriously - thank you for everything.

Yours ever gratefully,


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Miss Kitty  
Posted by Miss Kitty of Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom

If you have a penchant, a love of, or outright LUST for rubber & latex then no doubt I already have your undivided attention!

Myself, Mistress Brown and Miss Kim Rub will be hosting the most delicious rubber play party in the heart of Manchester on Sept 27th 2017 in a glamorous penthouse loft apartment.
This is an exclusive rubber play party event for true submissive rubberists. Numbers will be kept low, so we can cater to your latex perversions.
Plus triple-domination action from Manchester’s two premier Dommes; Mistress Brown and I - PLUS the queen of rubber (Rubber Cult) Miss Kim Rub.

Spaces are limited for the ‘party and sleepover’ option, so book your place soon. You will get your own bed and rubber bondage/clothing/sheets to sleep in. Just imagine yourself zipped into latex the whole night long…..Then luxuriate in the sensuality of rubber sheets. Wake up to the smell of latex (and coffee) for £850 with own room. Breakfast included.

There will be extra places for the ‘party only’ option. From 5pm to 10pm £500 arrive and depart anytime.

Come early for the ‘supper and party’ option and enjoy a meal dressed in rubber. From 5pm (with supper at 6pm) £550 must be booked in advance, so we can cater and deposits will be required for those who wish to book;

There will be rubber vac beds for shrink-wrapping slaves who enjoy the ultimate in restrictive bondage, a collection of inflatable latex suits, hoods, blindfold’s and fist-mitts, body, bags, sacks and a selection of rubber inflatables!!
Plus extensive breath-play options AND MORE!

If you crave rubber control, if you dream of being a rubber slut or latex fuckdoll and made to serve three beautiful, talented and highly experienced rubber Domina’s, then you will not want to miss this rare opportunity.
Voyeurs are also welcome provided you too are prepared to be dressed appropriately for the duration of your stay.

There will be a rubber mask available to anyone who wishes to remain anonymous and hard-limits are to be made clear on arrival. If you are a first-timer or new to the scene please be aware that you are more than welcome to attend and throw yourself in at the deep end, Mistress will put you at ease if you have any questions and safety words are always used and limits are always respected at all times for all parties involved.

These extended ‘parties’ do not come round often and we will be deciding weather or not to run this specialist event again dependant on the successfulness of the first, so please do your part to support us, if this is your thing.

Slaves interested in attending, or for any further questions, you may contact your chosen Mistress directly.

Refreshments and shower facilities will also be available.

Email: - Keep it polite, clear and concise.

Tel: 0779 446 3523 - No withheld numbers or texts (9am-7pm most days with exceptions)

Twitter: @MissKittyDomme

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