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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - Suspension Update
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with improvements in my Preston Chambers.

A super heavy leather suspension harness has now been added to my suspension kit. This latest equipment upgrade makes it possible to suspend slaves vertically or horizontally for S&M action.

I always have a go with any new equipment myself and must admit that I found hanging around in the leather harness quite therapeutic. It swings gently, rotates 360 degrees and can restrain gents up to size XL.

My site has been appropriately updated to provide more information and a more detailed photo of the harness in situ, which can be viewed here -

If bondage is your thing, Id like to remind you that bondage is my speciality and plays a part in the majority of my sessions, whilst most aspects of traditional BDSM are also on the menu as standard.

My bondage collection extends to bodybags in different mediums, black leather restraints including headgear, harnesses, straitjacket and posture collars. Clingfilm wrap, scarves, ironware, spreader bars, rope and heavy chain are also available to keep you secure in my company.

Please visit my website or call during my advertised hours if youd like to enquire further.
tel:07785546682 mon-fri 12noon til 10pm

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Goddess Sophia  
Upcoming London Dates
Posted by Goddess Sophia of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
After my birthday visit to London ended up being more partying with my friends than sessioning, I am announcing a second visit at the beginning of September so those of you who didn't manage to snag one of my very limited appointments last time have a second shot at doing so.

I will arrive in London on the 2nd September, and will be in attendance that evening at Club DVS where I will be a House Domme. I'm very excited about being involved with this excellent fetish night and hope I will see more than a few of you there. Don't be afraid to come and say hello, I don't bite...especially if you offer me a drink!

From the 3rd until the 6th I will be available for private sessions as well as double sessions with Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic. As always, a deposit will be required to secure your booking and spaces are limited so book early! Contact me directly to discuss your interests and make an appointment.

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Miss Kitty  
Posted by Miss Kitty of Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom

Greetings to my perverse followers;

Just a little update to make you all aware of my up and coming London tour dates.

I will be kicking ass and stomping bollocks at 'Better than a Bed' in Central London. This venue boasts a fully equipped dungeon and is conveniently located near Warren St tube station.

I will be offering solo sessions as well as double Domme sessions with my colleague and good friend Mistress Brown.

Bookings are limited and subject to a deposit if we have not met before.

It's best to reach me via phone but please be aware that I do not respond to text messages.

Details on how to book, further details about my trip and future projects are available via my website.

Tel: 0779 446 3523 - NO TEXTS / NO WITHHELD NUMBERS.


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