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Lady Sara Borgia  
Posted by Lady Sara Borgia of Birmingham, United Kingdom
I'll be visiting Croydon on 19th September and have room for one more lucky sub to session with Me!
Apply via email. Hotel session just 5 minutes away from croydon station.

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Lady Sara Borgia  
Posted by Lady Sara Borgia of Birmingham, United Kingdom
The next strapon event in the Midlands will be held on 4th of October at the Worcester Pain Palace studios.
There will be two time slots available which are 2pm and 7pm both parties will be 3 hours long and we have the most gorgeous Dommes attending to give you a good seeing too! Apply via My email.

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Eris Martinet  
Posted by Eris Martinet of London & Manchester, United Kingdom
I've been told many times the place to be is really Brighton, and so far put off visiting the sunny land. Now I am set to visit between the 23rd and 27th. I'd like to expand my horizons, and receive more lovely subs. Want to meet me? Get in touch,

I'm already packing!!

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