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Goddess Sophia  
Mistress' Birthday Caning Offer
Posted by Goddess Sophia of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

It's my birthday on August 15th and I just love to give a good caning. Throughout my birthday month I will be running a series of special offers so I can be sure to get the absolute maximum enjoyment out of this most special of months.

The first of these will be 1 hour caning sessions for 80. These sessions must be paid in full upfront (non refundable but you may change your appointment with 48 hours notice) and will take place at a domestic location in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The offer does not extend to judicial canings, but I will cane you as hard as you can take it (and maybe I'll push you just a little bit!). You can choose to be restrained on my Fetters whipping bench or bent over the arm of the sofa, and my full range of canes will be on hand. I have a large collection of canes ranging from whippy school canes through to dragon canes and Singapore prison canes, as well as some more unusual implements such as delrin canes and 3-in-1 canes.

For those who are unaware of my skill with the cane, you can find testimonials from those who have had the privilege of being on the business end of my favourite cane on my blog (via my website -

This offer is valid between August 1st and 7th inclusive and is expected to be popular so book your space now! Contact me directly to discuss your requirements and book.

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Lady Seductress  
Enticing them all ..
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Life is a two sided coin - as you will be enticed, seduced and enraptured with My all powerful and Goddess like stature, you will be also pliable, polite and eager to please.

Mistress as always loves Her position and every session I undertake I use My womanly powers to test and excite you. Maybe you crave this hot Domme to tie you up and tease you, maybe you need this hot Domme to tell what you need? Whatever the actuality of it all I will leave you coming back for more and you'll leave with a spring in your step and perhaps a sore buttock or two!

Whether you are a latex loving submissive or a masochist with a serious foot fetish understand that once you have entered My chambers you will have found your haven...

Seductively yours, Lady Seductress

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Mistress Lisa  
Posted by Mistress Lisa of London, United Kingdom
My heart was pounding fast and in the dim light I saw this perfect shaped ass coming closer. I could see the shiny latex shimmer and she had the most amazing body, her long hair dancing on her back while she sat on my chest, bouncing a bit. Slowly her butt climbed onto my face, I could feel that warm butt capturing my mouth as I tried to get some air. My pants was getting to tight when I felt her buttcheeks pressing my lips together. I wanted to touch her with my hands but they were all tied up!

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