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Goddess Sophia  
Caning Special Now PERMANENT
Posted by Goddess Sophia of Yorkshire/London, United Kingdom
Over the course of my years on the scene I have built a reputation as an expert with the cane, and it is definitely something I have a lot of passion and talent for. My canings are hard (within your limits, which I will enjoy pushing - just a little bit!) and very accurate. You will leave my premises with a set of perfectly parallel lines across your throbbing buttocks with no stray whacks to your legs or back (which is always protected with a pad, just in case).

I have a formidable collection of canes from thin, whippy, junior dragon canes all the way up to prison specification Singapore canes. I also have a few more unusual canes made from materials such as delrin, and a cane made out of three canes bound together in a sleeve.

At the beginning of August I ran a promotion for a week offering a reduced rate on caning sessions so I could indulge in one of my favourite activities as much as possible over my birthday. It proved so popular I have decided to make it permanent: From now on, caning sessions are available in Harrogate for just £80 for one hour!


This reduced tribute is for caning sessions ONLY. If you want to incorporate any other BDSM activities into your session, you will pay my full tribute of £150 per hour.

Sessions must be paid for in full, upfront. This can be done electronically or the old fashioned way of cash in at the bank if you are worried about leaving a paper trail. I will provide payment details once we have agreed a date and time for your session.

There are no refunds. I may allow you to reschedule provided you give me 24 hours notice, but this is at my discretion. Have some respect for my time and don't book if you can't commit to attending your appointment.

Sessions take place in a domestic playroom in Harrogate.

This offer does not include judicial caning.

I will not be taking requests for outfits for these sessions, I will dress exactly as I please on the day.

Everything is always entirely at my discretion.


To apply for one of these sessions, copy and paste the template email below.


Subject: Caning Special Application
Date(s) you are available to attend:
Preferred time(s):
Any health issues I should be aware of:
Any questions:

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Mistress Var  
Strict Headmistress Disciplines the students at Girls Boarding School.
Posted by Mistress Var of London, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
At boarding school there is always one trouble-maker, the ring-leader, the naughtiest girl in the school. Girls Boarding School is no exception. I arrived late to my newly appointed position. Headmaster welcomed me into the Parlour. As it was nearly time for lights out the girls greeted me dressed in regulation pyjamas before they were sent off to their dormitories. I was then showed to my room. I unpacked and laid out the essentials on my bed. My trusted spanking implements included a tawse, a medium cane, a strap, my hairbrush and a large wooden paddle. Any reputable strict Headmistress cannot travel without them. I was called to the staff room for a short briefing before lights out, however upon returning to my chambers I noticed immediately that my implements were gone! I reported straight to Headmaster who summoned the schoolgirls to the dining room. They shuffled in as a coy and giggling gaggle. Headmaster ordered them to be seated. It was time to introduce myself. ‘I am Ma’am Var’, your new Headmistress!’ ‘This is an abysmal start to your time with me!’ The girls were silent. ‘Isn’t it?! ‘Yes Ma’am’ they all chimed with their eyes directed towards to the ground. ‘We shall sit here in silence until the little thief owns up, I don’t care how long it takes and the sooner she confesses the sooner the matter can be dealt with.’ There was silence for two minutes, three minutes... five minutes, then a hand crept sheepishly into the air, ‘It was m-me Ma’am a small voice faltered, ‘we all hid in your room to eavesdrop then we spotted your spanking tools, we thought i-it would be funny…..Ma’am’ ‘What is your surname girl?!’ ‘Brown, Ma’am.’ ‘Go and fetch my implements Brown!’ ‘Yes Ma’am,’ A blurr of brushed cotton rushed out of the dining room as the remaining girls tucked their chins further into their chests. Brown returned posthaste grappling with the implements. Thrusting them onto the table she rushed to her seat clutching her little behind as she did so. I paced slowly over to her seat and ordered the little minx to stand. She did as she was told quite sharpish. ‘Look to your classmate girls, I am going to make an example of her.’ ‘Now young lady, bend over the table and pull your pyjamas over your bottom, I am going to give you six of the best with each of the implements you stole from my private chambers.’ She whimpered but did as she was instructed. She reached, across the table with her pale bottom presented quite neatly as if quite practiced at the ritual. I wasted no time in laying six sharp cuts of the strap quickly across her bottom. The girls gasped as Brown stifled a shriek. Her bottom fairly glowed, I was proud of such a rosy tone appearing so quickly. Next came six steady thwacks of the stingy hairbrush; Brown began to blubber. ‘Hush girl, I shall ignore your tears. It is not virtuous to steal or enter private quarters, you need to have an understanding of what you have done, your behaviour is not acceptable!’ Next came the searing tawse by which time Brown was howling. ‘I-I’M s-so-ohryy Ma’am’ she cried. ‘Oh no child, I can hear in your voice, you are not sorry yet.’ The naughty schoolgirl winced and wriggled with each thwack of the heavy wooden paddle. My peripheral vision caught sight of the trembling shoulders of seated schoolgirls. 'Let this be a lesson to all of you!’ ‘To finish Brown, you will take six of the best!’ ‘P-p-please Ma’am!’ Brown pleaded. ‘Since you asked so nicely, Brown,’ I drove six hard lashes into her crimson bottom; Six angry welts raised immediately confirming that I had carried out my discipline effectively and to my satisfaction. ‘Stand up Brown and make yourself decent, I imagine you may well be standing for your lessons tomorrow too.’ ‘Young Ladies, I am here to ensure you achieve the best that you can during your time at Girl’s Boarding School and I mean to teach you using the school’s long established Corporal Punishment Method of Learning. Off you go to bed, you have a long, hard day of lessons ahead of you.’

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Posted by goddessdionne of City of London, United Kingdom
my travel dates have changes somewhat .
Now Touring the following cities
Dubai 5-10 September
Caribbean 14 -24 October this is a trip in the Caribbean FemDomme for tow weeks called the Carib Femdomme which is hosted by a few group of World mistresses and apparently this year is their last event so those interested in the event know that I will be visiting and playing at this event.
if you are in doubt do call and will be furnished with the great news.
Looking forward to meeting you there.
Goddess Dionne

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