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Miss Luci White  
London Tour March 2017
Posted by Miss Luci White of Manchester, United Kingdom
Following My successful first ever tour in October Last year, this Northern Lass with Class will once again be visiting the Capital city to allow slaves old and new the opportunity to session with Me. I arrive in London from the afternoon of Tuesday 14th March until afternoon of Thursday 16th March.

I will be sessioning from one of the top chambers in London, Hoxton Dungeon Suite, where slaves can be assured of only the very best facilities. With a combination of My creative Dominance and sensual sadism, plus a vast array of equipment at Londons top Dungeon, slaves can be assured of a mesmorising time. slaves also have the opportunity to share this special experience with Me, as this is My first multi day tour, and I am looking forward to making it a rewarding and memorable time for those slaves who share this new venture with Me.

I am also excited to announce some special opportunities for slaves during this tour. As I will be staying overnight in the capital, there is a unique opportunity for a slave to visit for an overnight session. There are two overnight sessions available on both Tuesday 13th March and Wednesday 14th March, but interested slaves need to contact Me quickly on this and a deposit will be required to confirm the booking. The very best news however is that overnight sessions start at a very reasonable £450, depending on the specifics of the session, which is highly competitive rates for such a unique opportunity. Daytime hourly sessions are also available, starting from £170 per hour, with lunch and dinner meets with a session also available from £250.

I will also have a bi slave available for those slaves who so desire the experience of forced bi interaction and humiliation at My hands. Slaves should be warned that I have some very creative and humiliating ways of forcing My slaves to become little sluts, if you’re a fan of forced bi play but have never experienced it at the hands of a Mistress , prepare for a very unique time with Me.

I will require deposits for all sessions to confirm the booking in My diary, Deposits are payable via bank transfer or circlepay and I will need them at least a week prior to the session. The deposit amount will come off the tribute on the day.

I am very much looking forward to My next visit to London. Last time I met some exceptional slaves and have fond memories , given they were part of My first ever tour. I look forward to sharing this new venture with slaves old and new and hope to meet some similarly special slaves to share this unique new venture for Me.
See you soon!!!
Mistress Luci xxx

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Madame Rubber  
Posted by Madame Rubber of Birmingham, United Kingdom
My techniques on interrogation
are guaranteed to break you,bend you and make you a Devotee.My specialty Auto

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Mistress Clarissa  
Dirty Little Pervert by @Clarissa_Shares
Posted by Mistress Clarissa of London, United Kingdom
In this file the seductive feminine and oh so dominant mistress Clarissa takes you deep into her very own hypnotic fantasy. You will fall effortlessly into a submissive trance as ever just by listening to her lovely voice whilst she describes breaking and entering into your home in order to make you submit for real. She knows she excites you, she knows you watch her clips and listen to her files, she understands her power over you and now she's going to use it. Themes include: reprogramming, female domination, strap on play including cleaning up your mess, consensual non-consent, cfnm.

$25 37m07s

Available from:

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