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The Cruel Adventuress
United Kingdom

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Got Girly Fantasies?????
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
Fancy acting out, one of your "Girly Fantasies" in my decadent playroom?

Tempted, but remember, I know exactly how, to discipline and punish a slutty tart, a sissy maid, or an intentionally, disobedient sexy girl.......


Well your next task is to contact me and we can have a little chat.
- Call me on (07739) 079559
- Email :

Sessions are tailor made to your unique, individual Girly needs...............

So let me, make you, feel Gorgeously Girly.


See you soon!
Miss Debbie Potter X

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Mistress Bettie von Sade  
Sessions Available in Bloomsbury, Central London by Young Femme Fatale until 14th May!
Posted by Mistress Bettie von Sade of London, United Kingdom
ATTENTION: I'm now accepting appointments at a smart and well-equipped Central London dungeon until 14th May! After this date, I will only be available for online and distance domination.

Session tributes are 150 for 1 hour, 200 for 1.5 hours, 250 for 2 hours and 100 for any additional hours. Visit My website for more information and to apply:


I'm a true femme fatale, and lifestyle and professional Domme in My early 20s from London, UK. I'm now offering a variety of online domination options and Skype sessions to slaves and subs from all over the world, who are unable to meet Me in person. It's a great way to explore interests like tease and denial, humiliation, chastity play, Goddess worship and different forms of punishment.

Online and distance domination has its very own, unique charm, and the experience can be just as powerful as a physical session. I will need most of the information I normally do when arranging a meeting. Most importantly, I need to understand what specific fetishes and interests you have, and I also need to be aware of what you have tried already and what your schedule is like.

See below the different packages on offer.

Beginner Package

One written instruction a week by email
Instruction can come anytime
All interaction by email
Tribute is 20/23/$25 a week

Intermediate Package

Two written instructions a week by email (either related or unrelated)
Instruction(s) can come anytime
All interaction by email
Tribute is 35/40/$45 a week

Advanced Package

Three written instructions a week by email (either related or unrelated)
Instructions can come anytime
All interaction by email
Tribute is 50/55/$60 a week

Real-Time Domination Sessions on Skype

The tribute is as follows:

50/60/$65 for 30 minutes
90/100/$120 for 1 hour

Bespoke packages for regular real-time sessions are available on request for those I have already seen on Skype at least once.

See My website for more information and to apply to serve Me online:

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The Cruel Adventuress  
Strictly Boardroom: Double Domme Sessions
Posted by The Cruel Adventuress of LONDON, United Kingdom
Are you sitting at your desk comfortably? We will make sure you won't be for long for Lady Seductress & The Cruel Adventuress are waiting for you in their office and if there is one thing they despise, it is waiting for the subordinate businessman to arrive.

With you making a bad start you'll no doubt be on your knees soon enough with it all taken down, in the minutes, by the strict secretary: whilst the Chairwoman underlines the boardroom punishments to be doled out.

Perhaps you'll be made to wear a plug, sent back to your desk and instructed to remain in situ for the remainder of the day; or if caught glancing at the stocking tops punished there and then with a bout of CP or some other chosen necessity. Just imagine being reprimanded by these stunning, strong, formidable women in their slick business attire with their strong, formidable and slick business minds.

Importantly, a contract with exclusive clauses may have to be drawn up and signed by business slave to show his true engagement and commitment in the policies of Strict Business Bitches Ltd.,

Meeting adjourned,
The Cruel Adventuress

For all enquiries regarding a strict business double Domination session email:

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